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LadyNimue's/Ehlana's Page

Hi! LadyNimue and Ehlana are the names I use for MUDding.


For those of you who don't know, MUD is short for multi-user dungeon. The term originated from the first mud known as MUD1 and which is now located on Compuserve under the name British Legends. Today MUDs come in different types and sizes, but MUDs still offer role playing games with interaction with people rather than just a computer. For more information on mudding, check the links below.

I enjoy MUDs with challenging puzzles to solve and interesting people to talk to. I play both pk and nonpk MUDs. Having played both types of mud, I prefer playing pk muds. Pk muds offer the thrill of competing against other players for resources and the challenge of survival of the fittest.

Hysteria Port 6715

Hysteria is a playerkilling aber-diku mud. Players may also opt to play Hysteria as peacefuls. Hysteria offers a full race/class system and several guilds. Come join us and if you see me say hi.

Hysteria has its official forum at Mudders' Cave, which includes three discussion boards and a file library. A monthly newsletter for players called A Bit of Hysteria is available in the library. Hysteria's library also contains info and help files to help you get started in the game. Mudders cave can be accessed at

Hysteria's website, which is being redeveloped is at .

Hysteria also has a club on Yahoo, with a message section and photos of Hysteria players. Goto .

Tantamont to Reason Port 23

Fans of PK muds and MUD1 in particular will find this mud very enjoyable. This mud is in the developing stages but has a great deal to offer mudders already. On your first visit, you may want to check out the help files by typing help overview, help spells, help commands and help levels. Click the link above and visit the mud! That is, if you dare to be challenged.

Smile Port 6715
Smile is challenging mud with mobiles that have been cranked up for extra challenge and optional player killing. If you are PK inclined, you can create a character that is flagged a killer as you enter the game. If you are not flagged and would like to play the game pk, ask any power to flag you a killer. With the killer flag, you can kill any other player who is so flagged. Smile also has a remort option for immortals to run again.

DarkScapes Port 6715
Darkscapes is a player killing mud with remort for immortals. This allows immortals to change to mort status and pk and/or quest along with the morts.

Dragonmud Port 7000
Dragonmud is one of the oldest abermuds still actively running, dating back to 1989. Dragonmud is nonplayer killing.

British Legends

British Legends (BL), also known as MUD1 was provided as a service to compuserve members. However, right before Thanksgiving in 1999, Compuserve cancelled BL without providing any notice to the players.

There are, however, two betas in testing which will when open will be provided on the internet, so anyone will be able to access the game.

BL was an extremely challenging game as the killing was pretty rampant.


DreamScape was also taken down, but may return again some day. It was an aber mud with playerkilling as an option and guilds which you can join.

Saratoga Flat Track

The summer place to be is the Saratoga Flat Track(at least where I live). I love going to the races, betting and losing small amounts of money. The flat track is located in Saratoga Springs, New York, a very beautiful and historic area, ten to fifteen minutes away from my home.

Society for Creative Anachronism

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an organization which offers medieval activities and events. This is different from medieval fairs because you get the opportunity to actually participate rather than merely watch. The SCA provides a multitude of activities to suit people of many interests. There is fighting in armor, archery, fencing, brewing, cooking, dancing, heraldry, and arts and crafts. I myself prefer dancing and testing out various meads, wines and liquours brewed by my SCA friends. I use Brenda for my SCA name.

I went to Pennsic this past August. There were over 9,700 people there from all over the world. Most were from the United States. I did quite a bit of shopping and partying. I recommend it to all SCA'ers. Click here to see some photos I took while at this past Pennsic.

For more information on the SCA, visit the official website at or the website of the kingdom in which I live, East Kingdom.

Campbell Clan

Upon doing a bit of genealogical research, I discovered that I am descended for the Campbells of Renfrew, Scotland. This year I joined the Campbell Clan Society (North America). However, I have not found time to become actively involved yet.


At TechnosphereCreate your own monsters that live in a simulated environment where they can eat, sleep, procreate and eat other monsters.

Talk with a Dragon

Try to survive a conversation with Maur the Dragon. Click on the link here and type in Maur at the first prompt.


I have a cute little hamster named Taz. Click here to see a couple of pictures of him.

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