Welcome to Sir Eric's Adventurers Guild. This page is devoted to the Quest For Glory Game. As of right now, I have things for QFG1, QFG2, and QFG3. As I beat the games, I will make it for more! Soon I will also add a paladin guild, and message board.

What's a Paladin

"Some call them 'Do-Gooders', some call them 'Knights of Nobility' and some call them 'Cavaliers of Courtesy'. Others just call them 'Confounded Nuisances'. There are many names for these unsung heroes who try to prevent injustices in the world and encourage harmony between living things. However, since modesty is an important quality for Paladins, they seldom become famous Explorers."

--Famous Explorers' Correspondence Course

"The Paladin is the Goody-Two-Shoes of champions and the Dudley-Do-Right of defenders. "

--Famous Adventurers Correspondense School

Because of the things above, not everyone may be a paladin. You must follow certain restrictions. Goto my How to be a Paladin Page, to find out these certain restrictions.



Added the page to geocities, and added some pictures to the QG1 old pics.


I beat QFG3. Yeah!! Though, I didn't do very good, but that's ok. Also added the link page, and lots of links.


It has been along time since I've added to the news, but I have done alot of stuff in between. I've taken off the walkthroughs, since nobody ever reads them. I'll put them back up if I get 10 requests in the next month. I've also finally been added to the ring! Took along time!

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