Ohio Collie Net is a growing network of rescuers, groups, shelters, collie clubs, volunteers and collie lovers interested in promoting and facilitating Smooth and Rough Collie rescue efforts in and through Ohio.

Welcome to OhioCollieNet! This is a site devoted to the rescue of Smooth and Rough Collies in and through Ohio. We are a growing number of rescuers, organizations, shelters, volunteers and Collie lovers. While so many people are concerned with Collie rescue in some form, it has been difficult to facilitate many rescue efforts due to lack of coordination or awareness of available resources within the state. This site allows rescue needs to be easily matched with resources. Some of the areas which are available include transportation, foster homes, shelter dog rescuers, food, equipment and supplies, available dogs and dogs in need.

Closing some of the gaps in rescue and supporting rescuers throughout the state is an important part of OhioCollieNet. Databases are available to Collie rescuers for available transporters, shelter volunteers, and availablilty and location of equipment and supplies. Rescue groups who work with Ohio Collies are especially encouraged to join. The more participation on this site will mean less chance of rescue gaps and a stronger support network.

Shelters are warmly welcomed here. We know you're overworked, underpaid and underappreciated. This is a place to ask about placing Collies and sometimes mixes, about breed conformation, temperament questions, adoption and placement needs and options.

Collie rescue folks in states who interact with Ohio Collies and rescue efforts are warmly welcomed!

Potential adopters may find available collies near them by using this site. All adoptions are carried out directly with the rescuer or rescue organization. Rescuers will share expertise about matching with the right dog and answer Collie questions.

OhioCollieNet@Onelist.com is the list for members to chat and share needs and resources. The list and this site will be continually upgraded to meet the needs of those most precious of people -Collie Lovers and Rescuers!

Welcome to OhioCollieNet!

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