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��� Hello there and welcome to the homepage of lil^bear (a.k.a. Mike Teal).� I am originally from Dartmouth but now live in Halifax.� I am a 40 year old gay man : guess I'd fall under the "bear" catagory (or so I'm told by others). If I have done it correctly my "bear code" is B4 F CD G+ K S-.

��� I knew I was gay at a young age but never could bring myself "out".� When I got my first job in Dartmouth I lived two lives.� At work I lived my "gay life", probably because there were other openly gay people working there.� I also had my "straight life" with my family and people I grew up with.� When I moved to Milton in 1985 my "gay life" vanished going fully back in the closet.� After some soul searching I finally came "out of the closet" in February of 1997.� Luckily both my family and my close friends I grew up with were understanding/open minded.� It was a shock for a few people but I'm glad to say I never lost any of the important people in my life.� Unfortunately living in a rural area is not very condusive to my lifestyle.� I must say I haven't had many problems which was a nice surprise.

Personal Information
��� My height is 5'10" and I weigh 140 pounds.� I have short cut hair and usually have a stache and goatee.� I was born January 11th, 1966.

I'm usually attracted to other "bears" my age or older.� Habits are hard to break I guess.� I've been attracted to hairy men since puberty (if not earlier).� I remember having a big crush on one of my gym teachers.

��� I spent most of my teenage years doing one of four things.� During the summer it was swimming, boating, and my dirtbike.� Come winter it was my ski-doo. Early summer of 2000 I met current boyfriends (see links, Daniel Mackay) and spent most of the summer with them travelling on thier bikes as a passenger. Of course once again I was bitten by the bike bug and bought a Kawasaki KZ750 (see personal pics) in the fall of 2000. It feels great owning a bike again. I never realized how much I missed it over the years. I spent alot of time at our cabin.��I've always loved animals.� Pets I have had in my life so far are fish (had five aquariums going at once for awhile), hamsters, mice, a rat, a turtle, rabbits, ducks, and two dogs.� Never had any cats (mom couldn't stand cats).� I like to garden (flowers) because I find it relaxing (most of the time).� When it comes to movies I like science fiction or comedies.� Mainly what I read is science fiction.� Star Trek is my favorite science fiction.

��� Other science fiction� I really liked alot and miss are Battlestar Galactica and Space 1999.

��� My taste in music varies, I like a little of everything. My favorite singer is Garth Brooks (what a hunk that man is!!!!!). I have to admit that I miss the music of the early eighties. The type of stuff I listened to during this period included Cyndi Lauper, Human League, Adam Ant, Rick James, Prince, Culture Club, Blondie. So how many of you are now saying EEWWWWWW!!!!!!. As you can tell from those few listed I liked lively stuff, and I guess I still do. I'm not much for sitting down and listening to alot of slow stuff. It gets depressing after awhile.

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