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Dreamcatcher's World of Anime

Irasshaimase!! Welcome to my very first Anime webpage! Right now this page is still under construction so you'll discover something new every time you come and visit! Anyway, here on my page you'll find a compilation of info, pics, and links to my favorite animes, plus a whole bunch of other things. Hope you'll like this page!

If you're here to see Tigger, Mcmug, and/or Animaniacs, please go to my second home.

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You are the th person to wander around in my little world since August 1998.

This page has received over 1000 hits since March 12, 1999!

Here is what you'll find on my webpage:

My Laputa Page

My Fushigi Yuugi Page
Hotohori Shrine,
home of The Hotohori Webring, The Hotohori Mail,
and You Know You Like Hotohori Too Much When...

Chichiri Shrine

My Edited Kenshin Pictures

Adopt a pet from Mononoke Hime!

Koyasu Takehito no Uta no Peeji

My Weiss Kreuz page

Please vote at My Anime Voting Booth!!

My Anime Midi Files

My Anime Merchandise
If you want to know what Anime stuff I own, this is the place to go!

My Awards

My Banners

My Adopted Chibi Anime Characters' Paradise

My Links & Some General Anime Webrings

If you have any comments or suggestions, or see some of your pics here and would like credits for them, please feel free to email me.

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Last updated on Sept 16, 2000

The background is taken from Avalon Anime Network. All of the animated gifs found in this website are taken from Nekochan's Graphics.

The midi you're hearing now is called I wish, from Fushigi Yuugi. It's made by Ryuuen no Miko.

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