Genealogy Is my addiction! Peeking Into My Past

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I created this page to find Cousins connected,
to my Past - Arnot's

On this page I am in search of ARNOT, SMITH, URQUHART, DAVIDSON

THIS Genealogy Homepage has much more! on ARNOT'S
1700's - 1900's

Also a link to Hill Texas, this page is another web page of
mine I put up for Cathy Shelley who does look ups in Texas.
She does the leg work and research and I run the web pages and
put up all the data she has collected.
Very large Page with Marriages; Obits; Cemetaries;
So much more!

British Columbia Genealogy Project
I maintain this web site also


Genealogy Poems
19th Century Photography
Genealogy Family Tree Builder
Victoriana Animated Graphics

Harper's Bazar Magazine
An online collection of 19th Century articles, illustrations,
and Victorian fashions taken directly from the 19th Century
magazine, Harper's Bazar. (C.1867-1900). Most have not been
published since their original printing over 100 years ago.

Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit
Cherished Memories, Genealogy graphics
Ken's Country & Western Clipart
Rhio's Graphics for Genealogy

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