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I have always had dogs and cats as a child. It was while I was living in Papua New Guinea in 1960 that I first saw a Siamese cat and it was my dream to own one. When I returned to Australia, I was given two seal point Siamese cats. When one died and the remaining one fretted, my husband bought me another kitten, this time it was registered, and I decided to show it. During my first show I spotted a Birman, and that was a bigger love affair than the Siamese. In 1972 I purchased my first Birman cat, a seal point female called Karissa, and our household has not been without a Birman since.

Since 1970 I have bred Siamese, Birmans and for a short period Abyssinians. Since 1985, I have specialised in Birmans only, and feel I have done more justice to the breed by breeding Birmans only. In 1987 I started a tabby point experimental program, following in Anneli Falk's las Perlas (Germany) footsteps. I fell in love with the tabby point Cepetti while on a visit to Germany in 1980. Since the sad passing of Anneli, I have kept in close contact with her daughter Bettina, who still breeds Birmans under the Las Perlas prefix.

At the same time, two colleagues and I started an experimental program for chocolate/lilac point Birmans (see Majik Cattery).

I believe in breeding good quality Birmans that are big and strong boned with good coat and type. I have been fortunate in being able to send Birmans to Europe and the USA as well as all states in Australia, and am proud of the cats which I have sent.

See the product of my grooming - this is what I do with my Birman fur.
(Photo of jumper)

My friend has spun the fur from my cats and knitted the jumper. The cat motif is knitted entirely of Birman fur.

I have lived in Canberra which is the Capital of Australia since 1966. Originally I was born in Vienna, Austria. I still read and speak German.

I welcome and invite visitors that come to Australia to visit Canberra and the Birman breeders here. We have a Birman Specialist Club (see Birman Cat Club of Canberra) which holds a "Birmans only" show once each year where we get up to 90 entries from all around Australia.

In 2007, I retired from full time employment and packed myself and cats and have relocated to Gulmarrad, NSW and am now enjoying the "simple life" and relaxation.

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