Fort Adams, Newport, Rhode Island - Circa Late 1930's


Brigadier General Simon V. Benet, U. S. Army Chief of Ordnance, December 14th, 1874.

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14-inch Gun at Fort MacArthur, California.

The Webmaster has selected the following sites (admitedly with some arbitrary bias) as the "best" fort sites on the web. Primary considerations are asthetic appeal as well as quantity and quality of information. Nominations of other outstanding sites are very much welcome.

An organization by and for fortification buffs. The best resource for reprints of historic fortification publications.

List of ALL United States Coast Artillery Batteries from 1890 - 1950.

North American Forts lists all known forts in North America with concise details.

Photos of Coast Defense Forts This site has recent photos of 20th Century Coast defense forts througout the United States.

provides information and links about forts throughout the world. A great way to meet other fortification enthusiasts.

Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island

Fort Adams Trust Homepage Official homepage of the organization charged with preserving and restoring Fort Adams.

Unofficial Fort Adams Website

David Mann's Fort Adams Website Loaded with information and images. Highly recommended. Find out why Fort Adams is America's best fort!

Daniel Titus at Fort Adams with 20-pounder Parrot Rifle

Dan Titus is a great fort buff and has numerous historic photos on his website of Fort Adams and related subjects.

Fort Adams and the U.S.S. Constitution in 1861
(Lithograph by J.P. Newell, 1861.)

The History of Fort Adams. A detailed history of the great fort. Heavy graphic content. Text Only Version for faster downloading and printing.

Governor's Island Army Brats Governor's Island is an Island Paradise for Fort Lovers! It has two historic forts, was an active military base for 200 years and is only ten minutes by boat from Lower Manhatten! This page contains much historical information about the Island as well has the childhood memories of people who grew up there. Make sure to see the "Pranks and Mischief" page! Aerial View.

Fort Barrancas in Pensecola, Florida

Coastal Fortifications of the Gulf of Mexico Great Forts, Photos and Links! A MUST for Fort Freaks!

Fort Jefferson
Fort Jefferson is a fort, a prison and a tropical island! (Great photos too!) Daniel Hughes has travelled all over the country in search of great photographic subjects and chose Fort Jefferson. Satellite Image of Fort Jefferson.

Fort MacArthur If you like Endicott period forts you'll love this site!

Army Corps of Engineers Explosive Ordnance Disposal Program. This site contains background information on selected sites for "remediation" of explosives and other hazardous materials left over from prior government usage. Brief histories of the sites are provided. This site is not entertaining but may be informative if they list a particular fort you're intersted in.

F.U.D.S. (Formerly Used Defense Sites) is another Corps of Engineers site. It features information on many obscure former military sites (including fort sites, of course). Have fun!

Fort Taylor, Key West, Florida by Seth Eastman

Seth Eastman Fort Paintings In the late 1800's Seth Eastman (1808 - 1875), best known for his scenes of the American West, was commissioned to paint a series of views of several American forts. This is an index of works of art in the Capitol building in Washington which includes several of the Eastman paintings.

Defenses of Dover, England Focuses on saving to elaborate defenses of the Western Heights - Some of the most elaborate in the realm. An outstanding website with many photographs and illustrations.

North American Forts
Links and info about hundreds of forts in North America.

Ultimate U.S. Fort Links

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US Army Coast Artillery Organization 1901 - 1943 Highly detailed and informative.

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