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This series was set in the lush countryside of Hampshire along the river Hamble in a fictional town called Tarrant, following the story of wealthy yachts, powerboats and marine business.
Originally the series focused on Tom Howard (Maurice Colburne) who was made redundant at the beginning of the series from his aircraft design career. He took the family funds and poured it into the boatyard industry.

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BBC 1985-1990

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Sophia Nelson - 13/12/05

would like to know the location of some of the filming, ken masters original chandlery i believe to be the one in chichester marina, but where was his boat sales filmed? tom howards house is nice, is that local? and what was the real make of the flying fish?
- 13/11/05

Hi i have a copy of the first 4 episodes of series 1 on dvd which i will copy and send to you for a price if you are interested email me and let me know if your interested
Cheers Leon - ##/03/05

Solent Mermaid was used in Series Three, it is used by Ken Masters and Sarah Foster. You can clearly see the name in Episode Five when Ken & Sarah are speed testing Mark, before he.... (Better not give away the ending)
Keith - ##/03/05

Good interesting website. I have attached an image if it is useful. I noticed other contributers are wanting tapes of the series. I have complete series 1,2 & 6.These are taped from bbc drama channel and ads have been edited.Quality is pretty good for VHS.Please could you pass this on if people are interested? Many thanks,
S.Moore - ##/03/05

I have the Complete Series 1 and Series 6 of Howards Way. These were taped onto VHS Pal tapes from UK Drama and are of a good quality for VHS. The adverts have been removed. I will either sell seperately or for both. I purchased them in an Auction and am open to realistic offers. For legal reasons I am selling the tapes not the content!
I can be emailed at steve(REMOVE)!
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blackpudlian - ##/03/05

HI,can anyone help me please,i am looking for a C/D or VIDEO of HOWARDS WAY. all the best mike.
PS The complete series. - 06/02/05

Hi, I love your Howards Way site, it's great to see it is still so popular! I was 12 yrs old in 1990 and Simon May's audiocasette of the brilliant theme music was the first recording I ever bought! I thought I was the only one who loved the music but obviously it was popular with many people! It is high time the whole series was released on DVD!
Rosemary, London UK - 03/02/05

I have been reting to get Howards Way material for ages now. Just found out that Tony Anholt died of a brain tumour. I used to be in love with Leo (Edward Highmore). I wish that we could get all of the series on DVD. I would watch it again and again.
Hope someone at the BBC is listening!!
Sharon - 28/01/05

There have been several auctions recently for the complete series ( 1 - 6 ) of Howards Way, on These have sold for around £100 per series ! ! Now more of these tapes are in circulation, I am sure the cost will gradually reduce, and become more readily available. It is a pity the BBC will not make this superb drama available for general release ! !
Mick - 27/01/05

The only place I have seen Howards Way tapes for sale is on The whole 6 series were up for auction a few weeks ago, but I was unlucky in my bidding ! The average cost per series is currently being sold for around £100, but I am sure this will drop considerably once more copies are are made available. Its a pity BBC will not allow Howards Way to be put on general release due to the large interest in this drama.
- 20/01/05

Good afternoon,
In the last 12 months I have purchases a Humber 38 motorboat called 'Solent Mermaid' which according to the grapevine was one of the boats shown on the opening screens of the BBC's show 'Howards Way'. I am also told that it was used in further scenes through the series.
Consequently and with no success, I have been trying to obtain copies of the series to substantiate the stories.
Can anyone out there help please?
Debbie - 10/01/05

Do you know where I can get a full copy of Howard’s Way TV Series please (DVD or VHS). ???
Jon - 04/01/05

I seem to be one of many people trying to find out if it is at all possible to purchase videos of this series. Can anyone help, please!
Many Thanks
Nicola Herries - 04/01/05

i saw an ad for the complete six seasons of the above but I am having absolutely no luck finding it.
Can you help or do you know anyone who wouled copy it for me?
Jackie - 12/12/04

I was wondering where it is possible to buy the videos or dvds of the old Howards way series.
Hope you can help
Tamara - 08/12/04

can you advise where we can buy copies of the Howards Way video.
Kind Regards
for Premier Display Limited
Karen Frape (Secretary) - 30/11/04

Hi there
I just found your great site; I just loved this show and it was a trip down memory lane looking through your site…. I had some VHS tapes of the show that I recorded years ago but I live in New York now and they were destroyed a few years ago unfortunately.
I wrote to the BBC a few months ago, but they say Howard’s Way is not on their DVD release schedule at the moment (heaven alone knows why). Do you know of any way I can obtain tapes or discs of all six seasons?
Sorry to be a bother and thanks again for all your help and for such a great site.
Kind regards
Mark Oliver - 12/11/04

Thank you so much for posting my plea for a replacement for some damaged tapes of the first series of Howards' Way.
I believe I have found a technical answer which has not only retrieved the damaged material but, if it all works, can re-digitise the tapes to work in wide screen from DVD. Tests look promising even with a few hundred hours processing ahead! For home use only of course!
Thanks again and if anyone needs any obscure questions answered (about Howards' Way of course), I'm your man!
Best, Ian - 28/07/04
Editor Writes
Glad to be of service.

I was fascinated by your web page devoted to Howards' Way and relieved that I am not the only nutter who keeps annoying his family by re-showing the treasured collection of Howards' Way videos every other summer!
The first series was broadcast as a repeat on BBC 1 or 2 and I managed to record it off air. The later series were on UK Gold and again I managed to get most taped although at a lesser quality and with all those perishing adverts every few minutes.
This summer however, tragedy has struck. An initially undiagnosed video player fault has damaged several tapes from the first series. I will of course go to extreme ends to try and resurrect them but I am not hopeful.
Does anyone know of how I might buy some replacements?
I do have all the Howards' Way books but they are no substitute!!
Cheers, Ian - 22/07/04

Here I am again, 3 mails about High Road and now another one!
OK: Dulcie Gray and Michael Dennison are husband and wife. They were together as high class brothel owners in one episode of Rumpole. Many years prior to that Michael Dennison was a barrister in a series in B and W which I've forgotten the name of (very useful attribute!).
Elaine in Brisbane, Australia
OH and BTW: I see people asking questions on your very neat site - BUT do they get answers???
E - 31/05/04

Editor Write's
We try and encourage other people to answer questions as we try and get all e-mails on the site.

With reference to T Hatcher --- The song is called 'Always There' It was recorded by Marti Webb and is/was on CD Distributed by 'Pickwick' number PWKM 647.
I have a copy of the Cd. Hope this helps T Hatcher.
Great programme -- I watched them make several episodes as I used to live in Warsash where it was filmed.
Maybe you can help me ---------- Have they put out the series on DVD yet?
John. - 24/05/04

Wondering if there are videos available of whole series?Was viewed here in NZ many years back.I would be interestedin obtaining videos.
A.Mitchell (CHCH) - 23/05/04

Have been trying to locate song to howards way but dont know who did it could you help me with this problem?
Mr T Hatcher - 10/05/04

I have the complete series of Howards’ Way on video that I recorded from the television. I would be willing to answer any questions that you may have regarding the show. Also, I also have numerous books and vinyl connected with it.
Kenneth Clarke - 24/02/04

please get it back on uktv in australia, to finish a series that was stopped part way thru in 2002 for us addicts
Martyn - 27/12/03

Believe its the same Tracy Childs, but she's appearing in "Panto" in Bournemouth or Poole in Dorset this year ! (2003)
Sally - 08/12/03

I was a great fan of this show when it was first shown and watched a re-run fairly recently on the UK Gold channel.
Susan Gilmore was on a tv ad recently. Stephen Yardley is in HollyOakes which somehow hasn't grabbed me quite as compulsively as Howards Way did. Jan Harvey turns up occasionally on Countdown. A friend of mine got to play the body of the bloke who plays Jack Rolfe(Glynn Owen?) when he was killed in Peak Practice a few years back. also I saw Patricia Shakesby in rep at Newark even more ears ago.
Tony Anholt, Maurice Colborne and Michael Dennison are no longer with us of course. Loved Michael ever since seeing Legend of the Glass Mountain and Boyd QC as a kid.
I would love to see the whole series again but apparently UK Gold are not planning to run it again.
Even more I would love up to date information of what the stalwarts of that series are doing..... .....Edward Highmore who played Leo, Cindy Shelley who played the weird and ultimately ruthless love obseession of Leo. Not to mention the yank boyfriend Orrin, and his Dad. Not mention all those terrific little cameo roles.... the French fashion designer, the neurotic speedboat racer and his bitch wife, the animal rights terrorist.........
Probably I qualify as some kind of nut for being able to reel off all this without notes. wonder if there are any other nuts out there?
al - 05/07/03

As other Australian viewers will know it has now finished over here. The final episode was number 78 and my wife and I hate Ken Masters more than ever now.
Tony - 11/07/03

I enjoyed this show very much, any plans for rerun. Do you know the latest on cast members, sorry to hear of Tony Anholt-was he involved in an accident-i missed coverage in press.
Kenny - 09/07/03

Has the BBC produced or does anyone have a complete recording of the series?
Portwatch - 09/06/03

hello - i was about eight when this show was filmed at my house and at the stables. It was really fun to be there - seeing all the actors and cameras, and eat food from the bbc canteen.
Alec Candle - 01/06/03

Just wanted to say that it's taken me three weeks before I realised that Tracy Childs is currently playing the role of Nurse in Born and Bred. It is rather sad that I actually have the brain capacity to remember an actress' name from 1985 but I think it was finally the eyes which did it - my husband couldn't believe that I had wasted that much brain power thinking about it.....
Sue Spanswick - 03/06/03
PS Then I had to find a web site to prove it!

Can anyone help? I used to have an LP called Howards Way which contained the title music, the Marty Web song and incidential music used during the program. i have lost mine and want to get another copy - any pointers would be appreciated
Charlie - Canberra - 19/05/03

Please can you tell me what Charmain Gradwell is doing at the moment?
I remember her in 'The Adventure Game' and 'Wilderness Edge', as well as 'Howard's Way' of course, and I've got some signed photos and handwritten letters from her answering my questions!
Yours faithfully,
D Mar - 17/02/03

A superb drama which is well overdue for bringing back to the small screen either by re-releasing the old series or filming an up to date version.Is there anyway that UK Drama can be contacted to find out when they intend to bring it back again ?
Mick - 12/02/03

Editor Reply
UK Drama can be contacted by the following:
Address: UK TV, 160 Great Portland Street, London W1N 5TB
Telephone: 020 7299 5000 Website:

I think it was Nigel Davenport who played Sir Edward
Dianne, Sydney - 30/01/03

Dear Donna...
Charles Frere's Dad was played by Nigel Davenport.
Best Wishes
Michael - 28/01/03

Sir Edward Frere was played by Nigel Davenport.
I am in Australia where Howards' Way shows on Cable TV. I missed the first episode of this series, but it seems Kate Harvey, Sir Edward, and Polly have "disappeared". The latter two are in America fighting for the return of Abby;ls baby, but what has happened to jan's Mum? Can you help me?
Beverley - 24/01/03

I am trying to find out who played Charles Feres Dad in the show.
Can you help.
Donna - 16/01/03

I was born in England and came out to NZ as a young child so the secnery was great for me. As it has been a long time since i have seen the programme, i do remember some great acting. Sorry to hear Tony anholt has passed away.
I thought it ened on a note where it could reflect more on issues in society considering it was about the rich and a new direction from for the show could have been written.
Best wishes Jill - 11/12/02

Could you kindly help settle an argument and advise if Sue Johnstone appeared regularly (or even at all!) in Howards Way.
Many thanks. - 28/09/02

Enjoy your Howards Way which does not seem at all dated. Enjoy the locale which was where we relaxed before we left Bournemouth for Adelaide, South Australia in 1973. Now we won't miss an episode except for a recent fourteen weeks holiday in West Australia. Couldn't keep away from boats though and spent a lot of time around Hillarys Boat Harbour just north of Perth. Great show! Great show there too!!
Jill and John Ward - 25/07/02

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