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The series is set in Chester in the fictional borough of Hollyoaks and follows the lives of young adults.

The series is aimed at the 16-24 age group but the characters have a much wider range.

Transmission Times: Channel 4
Sundays 10:30-13:05
Mondays 18:30-19:00
Tuesdays 18:30-19:00
Wednesdays 18:30-19:00
Thursdays 18:30-19:00
Fridays 18:30-19:00
Transmission Times: E4
Tuesdays 12:10-12:40
Wednesdays 12:15-12:45
Thursdays 12:05-12:35
Fridays 12:25-12:55
Saturdays 12:00-12:30 / 14:05-17:00
Transmission Times: S4C
Sundays 10:00-12:30
Broadcast Dates:


Production Company:
Mersey 1995-

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Your Views:
Believe its the same Tracy Childs, but she's appearing in "Panto" in Bournemouth or Poole in Dorset this year ! (2003)
Sally - 08/12/03

Darren Bransford is my Step dads Cousin, and i thought i'd tell you he looks more like his dad than his mum!
i have met them both and seen decided this
Love D xXx - 12/10/03

Philip - 27/02/03

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Kurt Soap Cross-over

Production Cross-over
Jambo Mark Arends

Gemma Atkinson
Lisa Hunter

Kate Baines
Beth Morgan #2

Yasmin Bannerman
Maddie Parker

Jonathen Le Billon

Adam Booth
Darren Osborne #1

Stefan Booth
Jamie Nash

Darren Bransford
Nick O'Connor

Dannielle Brent
Gina Patrick

Philip Bretherton
Eric "Rico" Finnigan

David Brown
Adam Morgan

Martine Brown
Juliet Benson

Julie Buckfield
Julie Matthews

Natalie Casey
Carol Groves

Alex Carter

Deborah Chad
Susi Harrison

Tracey Childs
Mrs Cornwell

Marc Crealmann

Laura Crossley
Cindy Cunningham #2

Paul Danan
Sol Patrick

Ross Davidson
Andy Morgan

Ashley Taylor Dawson
Darren Osborne #2

Warren Derosa
Rob Hawthorn

Mikyla Dodd
Chloe Bruce

Tim Downie
Sam Smallwood

Sarah Dunn
Mandy Richardson

Hollyoaks Terri Dwyer
Ruth Benson-Osborne

Christian Ealey
Matt Musgrove

Jeremy Edwards
Kurt Benson

John Elkington

Elly Fairman
Jasmine Bates

Kathryn George
Helen Richardson-Cunningham

Wendy Glenn
Nikki Sullivan

John Graham-Davies
Les Hunter

Gary Grant

Kelly Greenwood
Zara Morgan

Andy Henderson

Ben Hull
Lewis Richardson

Darren Jeffries
Sam "OB" O'Brien

Lesley Johnston

Lisa Kay
Anna Green

Jo Anne Knowles
Lorraine Wilson

Bernard Latham
Gordon Cunningham

Martino Lazzeri
Alex Bell

Paul Leyshon
Ollie Benson

Matt Littler
Max Cunningham #2

Luke Gary Lucy
Luke Morgan

Anna Martland
Sarah Andersen

David McAllister
Dennis Richardson

James McKenna
Jack Osborne

Andy McNair
Dan Hunter

William Mellor
James "Jambo" Bolton

Fiona Mollison
Victoria Hutchinson

Carol Noakes
Mrs. Osborne

Brett O'Brien
Louise Taylor

Elizabeth O'Grady
Beth Morgan

Daniel Pape
Sean Tate

Colin Parry
Mark Gibbs

Marcus Patrick

Julie Peasgood
Jacqui Hudson

Abby Pechullis

Lorna Pegler
Emily Taylor

Nick Pickard
Tony Hutchinson

Michael Price
Taylor James

James Quinn
Kirk Benson

James W. Redmond
Rory "Finn" Finnigan

Laura Richmond
Doctor Phillips

Sheba Ronay
Natasha Andersen

Lynda Rooke
Jill Patrick-Osborne

Francesca Ryan
D.S. Green

Toby Sawyer
Bazz FM

Stephanie Schonfield
Janice Bolton

Ben Sheriff
Max Cunningham #1

Alvin Stardust
Greg Andersen

Liz Stooke
Angela Cunningham

Natasha Symms
Kate Patrick

Davinia Taylor
Jude Cunningham

Joanna Taylor
Geri Hudson

Kerrie Taylor
Lucy Benson

Nathan Valente
Lee "Stan" Stanley

Zander Ward
Paul Millington

Stephanie Waring
Cindy Cunningham #2

Robert Weatherby
Kevin Daniels

Gary Webster

Eve White
Sue Morgan

Lisa Williamson
Dawn Cunningham

Stephen Fisher
Sarah Vandenbergh

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