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The orginal outline for this soap was to follow the Hart family and their far flung members. This all changed in the beginning of 1999 when most of the Hart family were wiped out in a boat explosion and the soap shifted (some might say like most other soaps) to the community of Stanley Street.

Transmission Times: Five
Mondays 13:00-13:30 / 18:30-19:00
Tuesdays 13:00-13:30 / 18:30-19:00
Wednesdays 13:00-13:30 / 18:30-19:00
Thursdays 13:00-13:30 / 18:30-19:00
Fridays 13:00-13:30 / 18:30-19:00
Transmission Times: TV3
Mondays 12:25-12:55 / 18:00-18:30
Tuesdays 12:25-12:55 / 18:00-18:30
Wednesdays 12:25-12:55 / 18:00-18:30
Thursdays 12:25-12:55 / 18:00-18:30
Fridays 12:25-12:55 / 18:00-18:30

Broadcast Dates:

Five bosses decied to give the show a rest in August 2005, with the show ending later that year.

Production Company:
Talkback Thames

Internet Pages:
Talkback Thames - Family Affairs
five - Family Affairs Unofficial Family Affairs Website
Stanley Street
TV Tome - Family Affairs

Your Views:
Is Sean Barriscale in Family Affairs really gay as I think he is totally gorgeous.
Jill - 05/08/04

Hi all!!
I am a huge Family Affairs fan, i had the pleasure to meet Pete Callan (David Easter) as he live's about 10 minutes from me, he is a really nice guy and very sexy!!!!
Kayla.Long Ditton - 08/06/04

I think Pete Callan is the most miserable man on earth.... he portrays no such person in real life and no one would put up with working for him the way he speaks to his employees anyone in their right minds would tell him to shove his job or report him for his behavior and to think he actually "got away with murder" and I wish he would'nt whisper when he talks....he spoils an otherwise good show for me
Lyn Australia - 13/03/04

Yasmin gets better each day...Where does she get all those wonderful clothes.. The day out (hen night) for the girls were brilliant. I'm not young, nevertheless the soap is good. Cat, very funny. A fan, watching this space

Quentin Jones (Declan Byrne) was brilliant in the show not to mention good looking. Is he coming back? Does he have a fan mail address? Would be interested to find out what he has been in since.
Many thanks.
Kerry - 17/11/03

I've seen on some web sites that they are looking to rid some of the cast of family affairs....All I can say is, if they do get rid of Callan, they lose my viewing! :) He's too class. Beats any villan that Eastenders of other soaps have had on offer!
Justin (Wimbledon - Close to where they film the great show!) - 13/06/03

i,m a big fan of family affairs also a fan of pete callan.its about time he got an oscar for his acting.he is dam good
Julie P - 16/05/03

hiya, i just wondered if u could PLEASE help me i would realy like to know if seb castang has a fan mail address?
thanx so much!!! - 24/02/03

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Soap Cross-over

Production Cross-over

Anna Acton
Geri Evans

Kay Adshead
Barbara Fletcher

Ian Ashpitel
Chris Hart

Ariyon Bakare
Adrian Scott

Fleur Bennett
Belinda Rhodes

Huw Bevan
Clive Starr

Rebecca Blake
Nikki Warrington

Antony Booth
Barry Hurst

Rebecca Bridges
Daisy Sheldrake

Cordelia Bugeja
Melanie Hart

Terry Burns
Josh Matthews

Clare Byam-Shaw
Luisa Warrington

Dallas Campbell
Ken Gooch

Seb Castang

Asier Cebeira
Arlo Dean

Margi Clarke
Joan Short Shackleford

Michael Cole
Jamie Hart

Simon Cook
Dr. Andrew Warrington

Beth Cordingly
Sara Warrington

Brian Cowen
Robert Davenport

Juliet Cowan
Polly Arnold

Doņa Croll
Pearl McHugh

Royce Cronin
Luke Warrington

Liz Crowther
Annie Hart

Ian Cullen
Angus Hart

Martin Delaney
Paul Webb

Joe Dow
Jim Webb

Nicola Duffett
Catriona 'Cat' Matthews

Stuart Dunne
Patrick McNeil

David Easter
Pete Callan

Idris Elba
Tim Webster

Kenneth Farrington
Jack Gates

Joanne Foster
Ginny Davenport

Joe Fox
Darren Scott #1

Tanya Franks
Karen Webb/Ellis

Tristan Gemmill
Antonio 'Tony' Bocelli

Paul Giles
Maxwell Warren

Sammy Glenn
Jessica Davenport

Sean Graham
Lawrence Roper

Tina Hall
Claire Toomey #2

Ike Hamilton
Darren Scott #2

Terence Harvey

Richard Hawley
Dave Matthews

Angela Hazeldine
Gemma Craig

Sandy Hendrickse
Pamela Trip

Rupert Hill
Cameron Davenport

Chloe Howman
Julie-Anne Walker

Stephen Hoyle
Liam Trip

Sandra Huggett
Holly Hart

Doreen Ingleton
Dusty McHugh

Daniel Jackson
Jude Davenport

Quentin Jones
Declan Byrne

Delena Kidd
Elsa Gates

Paul Lacoux
Geoff Roswell

Leanne Lakey
Charlotte Day

Tina Landini
Susie Ross

Junior Laniyan
Benjamin 'Benji' McHugh

Vince Leigh
PC Adam Sheldrake

Chris Lennon
Charlie Davis

Petra Letang
Donna Lewis

Matthew Jay Lewis
Matt Ellis

Anna Lindgren

Emma Linley
Gabby Johnson

Michael Lumsden
Michael Simons

Elisa Manson
Charlotte Cockerill

Rocky Marshall
Duncan Hart #1

Barry McCormick
Nick Trip

Janice McKenzie
Helen Cooper

Zienia Merton
Doctor Morrisey

Annie Miles
Maria Simons/Starr

Robyn Moore
Maggie Roswell

Glen Mulhern
Conor Byrne

Jon Newman
Jason Harris

Lesley Nightingale
Lisa Wilkes

Debbie Norman
Jackie Warren

Cyril Nri
William McHugh

Kate O'Mara
Jackie Lawrence

Miles Petit
Roy Farmer

Pooky Quesnel
Diane Short

Neil Roberts
Gavin Arnold

Laila Rouass
Tanya Ayuba

Chandra Ruegg
Becky Scott

Tina Russell
Claire Toomey/Callan #1

Tony Scannell
Eddie Harris

Helen Sheals
Vanessa Sheldrake

Belinda Sinclair
Fern Derwin/Farmer

Roger Sloman
William Cockerill

Sam Stockman
Lewis Davenport

Nick Stringer
Max Derwin

Nicki Talaco
Kelly Hurst

Dominic Taylor
Jon Tyler

Malcolm Terris
Dr. Boucher

Ebony Thomas
Yasmin McHugh/Matthews

Rosie Thomson
Samantha Burrell

Troy Titus-Adams
Kim Davies

Nicky Tolinski
Kelly Hurst

David Verrey
Dudley 'Serge' Pompidou/Starr

Joanna Wake
Gloria Hurst

Jemma Walker
Siobhan Walker/Callan

David Willoughby
Gavin Ross

Jonathan Wrather
Duncan Hart #2

Stephen Yardley
Vince Farmer

Louise Yates
Bethan Marks

Barbara Young
Sadie Hargreaves

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