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This series followed the relationship between two families , the Thompsons in the UK and the Stevens in Australia. The series started with Mike Thompson leaving his family on his birthday, to move in with Diane Stevens and the problems that the two families have because of this situation.

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Production Company:
Granada 1990-1992

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IMDB - Families

Your Views:
Does anyone know the name of the actor who played Simon Bannerman in Families? Thanks.
Ben - ##/03/05

I too have pleaded with Granada to show this soap again, it was excellent, so many twists, do you know if there is a fan website?
Carol - 15/02/04

Families is my favourite programme of all time. I loved the last series best with Terence Harvey and Helen Bourne. I wish they would repeat it from the start again. I've written and e-mailed Granada, Granada Plus etc. but they said they have no plans to show it again.
Lagunagander - 03/10/02

i think the show was great. i remember watching it occassionally when it was on late before prisoner cell block h. i think it should be repeated from the start and i think there should be more pages on the soap, possibly with an episode guide! - 02/09/02

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Soap Cross-overs

Production Cross-over

Imogen Annesley
Justine Stevens

Briony Behets
Diane Stevens

Helen Bourne
Isabelle Bannerman

John Bowe
Larry Richards

Patrick Cremin
Neil Brooks

Emma Davies
Juliette Bannerman

Victoria Finney
Louise Richards

Laura Girling
Amanda Thompson

Terence Harvey
Charles Bannerman

Jane Hazlegrove
Lise Shepherd

Morag Hood
Sue Thomson

Bruce Hughes
Don McLeod

Tessa Humphries
Corrine Todd

Tayler Kane
Andrew Stevens

Kim Knuckey
Brian Williams

Jude Law
Nathan Thompson

Margot Leicester
Jane Richards

Harry Littlewood
George Davidson

Claire Marchionne
Fiona Lewis

Oliver Milburn
Matthew Bannerman

Tara Moran
Chelsea Richards

Martin Glyn Murray
Mark Thompson

Madge Ryan
Ruby Davidson

Malcolm Stoddard
Mike Thompson

Gary Turner
Daniel Fielding

Rhett Walton
Antony Vaughan

Anna Welsh
Rachel Granby

Amanda Wenban
Jackie Williams

Karen Westwood
Rebecca Bannerman

Tim Woodward
John Thompson

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Last Update: 03/04/05

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