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Bianca and Ricky Outline:
Soap bubble which catches up with Bianca who left Walford behind her to find her fortune doing an arts degree in Manchester. While working at a night club, in need of some help she comes across a large amount of money in her managers office and foolishly takes it.
When she returns home she finds that her estranged husband Ricky has arrived with a new girlfriend and wants to see their son, but someone wants his money back and Ricky and Bianca are caught up in the middle.

Transmission Times: BBC Choice
Tuesdays 17/09/02-24/09/02 22:30-23:00

Broadcast Dates:


Production Company:
BBC Television 2002

Internet Pages:
Official Site - BBC EastEnders - Ricky & Bianca
IMDB - EastEnders: Ricky & Bianca

Your Views:
Hi just saw your site and i realise it is old but I was wondering if you possibly know of it being able to view on the internet anywhere or if there are anymore screen captures?
As I only saw part of it when it was on TV and have since found out that someone I know was actually in it as a kind of extra part and I really wanted to see!
Becky - 24/07/04

Editor Replys
At present we do not know if the programme is available anywhere on the internet nor have we been able to get any images of the show. The best people to ask would be the BBC themselves. At present there are no plans for a video/DVD release as far as we know. - 05/08/04

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Soap Cross-Over

Dean Andrews

Craig Charles

Steven Finch

Kate Ford

Joanne Gerrard

Meryl Hampton
Mrs. Burrows

Sid Owen
Ricky Butcher

Patsy Palmer
Bianca Jackson

Sally Ann Triplett

Gavin Vaughn

Mitchell Vaughn

Last Update: 05/08/04

I need your help. If you have any images or details about this programme that your happy to share with us, we'd love to hear from you.
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