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Den, Angie and Sharon Watts EastEnders was the BBC hit back to ITV's Coronation Steet. Originally to be filmed around a real London square for the external shots, this idea was droped and a whole new site that was construced for the soap.

The soap had many names before ending up with EastEnders, East 8 is known to be one as well as East End and Victoria Square.

Transmission Times: BBC1
Sundays 14:30-16:20*
Mondays 20:00-20:30
Tuesdays 19:30-20:00
Thursdays 19:30-20:00
Fridays 20:00-20:30
Transmission Times: BBC Three
EastEnders episodes:
Mondays 22:00-22:30
Tusdays 22:00-22:30
Thursdays 22:00-22:30
Fridays 22:00-22:30

EastEnders Revealed:
Thursdays 22:30-23:00

Transmission Times: BBC Prime
Mondays 14:30-15:30 / 21:00-21:30
Tusdays 15:00-15:30 / 21:00-21:30
Wednesday 15:00-15:30 / 21:00-21:30
Thursdays 15:00-15:30 / 21:00-21:30
Fridays 15:00-15:30

Classic EastEnders
Saturdays 16:00-17:00
Sundays 15:10-17:00

Transmission Times: UK Gold
Mondays @ 08:25-09:00 / 14:45-15:20
Tuesdays @ 00:55-01:30 / 08:25-09:00 / 14:45-15:20 /
Wednesdays @ 00:55-01:30 / 08:25-09:00 / 14:45-15:20 /
Thursdays @ 00:55-01:30 / 08:25-09:00 / 14:45-15:20 /
Fridays @ 00:55-01:30 / 08:25-09:00 / 14:45-15:20 /
Saturdays @ 03:30-04:05
Transmission Times: UK Gold 2
Mondays @ 23:45-00:25
Tuesdays @ 23:45-00:25
Wednesdays @ 23:45-00:25
Thursdays @ 23:45-00:25
Fridays @ 23:45-00:25
Transmission Times: RTE1
Mondays @ 16:20-16:55 / 20:00-20:30
Tuesdays @ 16:20-16:55 / 19:30-20:00
Wednesdays @ 16:20-16:55
Thursdays @ 19:30-20:00
Fridays @ 20:00-20:30

* - Times vary

Broadcast Dates:

Details EastEnders 15 Birthday

Production Company:
BBC 1985-

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Your Views:
My wife and I are desperate to find someone willing to sell tapes of current and past Eastenders epsiodes. Due to BBC America's cancellation of the show we have been in the dark for almost a year. We've heard about tape trains here in the US but have not been able to unearth any. Would you be able or willing to help?
- 26/12/04

Please could you confirm that Patricia Russell who has recently been featured in Eastenders as Grahams mother, was at one time in Eldorado. We, as a family are being driven mad by not knowing what Soap opera she used to be in years ago.
Thank you
Bernadine Toase - 19/11/04
Patricia did appear in Eldorado and played Gwen Lockhead.

As all true EE fans I love this show. I've been watching since 1989. When my cable company finally made it available I upgraded my cable so I could see it on BBC-America. But now I am back to watching old episodes on PBS. I check in on the EE website often to keep up with the current episodes but it's not he same as the weekly action I had gotten use to. My mother and I both love this show and all the charters, she started watching it about a year after I did.
Bobbie - 18/07/04

Please let me know if Louise Plowright is in your Eastenders Video as Juile Cooper- if so, is it available for purchase and how? Please send me any info on Louise Plowright that you may have available.
Thank you,
Marcy Berger - 30/04/03

I watch Eastenders for one reason and one reason only: Patrick Trueman! That guy is amazing!
Adam Croft - 15/02/03

I stopped watching for a while but I'm getting back into it. The Slaters and The Moons are my favorite families. Alfie is really funny.
Sara Owen - 22/01/03

I was big fan of Eastenders but I stopped watching it because it's on too often. If you go out any evenings and miss an episode, you can tape it while you're out but then don't have a chance to watch it before the next one. I also watch Corrie, which was also on too often, and I had to choose between the two, I couldn't fit both of them in, and Corrie won.
I don't know why you think you can gain extra viewers by putting it on more often.
Sharon - 16/01/03

hey im a really good fan of eastenders, and i watch it all the time, but lately iv gone off it a bit because its not as interesting, and the storylines just drag on fr ages, especially the story line about lisa having an affair with phil. all the good charecters, are leaving gradually, soon it will be full of old people. i know that its not just me that feels like this, but so do a lot of my freinds, as we were talking about it. any way good luck with it.
from an annonomous fan!!!! - 02/09/02

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Soap Crossover
EastEnders - Queen Vic

Production Cross-over


Joe Absolom
Matthew Rose

Anna Acton

Kacey Ainsworth
Maureen 'Little Mo' Slater

James Alexandrou
Martin Fowler #2

John Altman
Nick Cotton

Devon Anderson
Billy Jackson

Adjoa Andoh

Howard Antony
Alan Jackson

Kathryn Apanowicz
Madge Czajkowski

Nicole Arumugam
Shelley Lewis

Michael Attwell
Kenny Beale

Ali Baba

Nicholas R. Bailey
Dr. Anthony Trueman

David Banks

Marc Bannerman
Gianni Di Marco

John Bardon
Jim Branning

Anna Barkan
Nadia Mitchell

Michael Tudor Barnes
Willy Roper

Lucy Bayler
Elizabeth Beale

Gary Beadle
Paul Trueman

Richard Beale
Jackie Stone

Lucy Benjamin
Lisa Shaw

Ishia Bennison
Guizin Osman

Nick Berry
Simon 'Wicksy' Wicks

Sudha Bhuchar
Meena MacKenzie

Haluk Bilginer
Mehmet Osman

Priya Bilkhu
Sharmilla Kapoor

Leila Birch
Teresa Di Marco

Gemma Bissix
Clare Taylor

Syan Blake
Frankie Pierre

William Boyle
James Wilmott-Brown

Billy Boyle
Danny Taurus

Tracy Brabin
Roxy Drake

Paul Bradley
Nigel Bates

Garey Bridges
Lloyd Tavernier

Charlie Brooks
Janine Butcher #3

June Brown
Dorothy 'Dot' Cotton

Ulric Browne
Winston, Market Trader

John Burgess
Gerald Ludlow

Brian Capron
Jerry MacKenzie

Mark Fowler (Todd Carty) Todd Carty
Mark Fowler #2

Michael Cashman
Colin Russell

Natalie Cassidy
Sonia Jackson

Tony Caunter
Roy Evans

Shirley Cheriton
Debbie Wilkins

Clare Clifford
Hilary Janes

Desune Coleman
Lenny Wallace

Michelle Collins
Cindy Williams/Beale

Mary Conlon
Eibhlin O'Donnell

Pat Coombs
Marge Green

Lindsey Coulson
Carol Jackson

Diana Coupland
Auntie Maureen Carter

Marc Crealmann
James Turner

Brain Croucher
Ted Hills

Samantha Crown
Annie Smith

David Dale
John Fisher

Linda Davidson
Mary Smith

Ross Davidson
Andy O'Brien

Race Davies
Jackie Owen

Susanna Dawson
Gill Fowler

Letitia Dean
Sharon Watts/Mitchell

Peter Dean
Pete Beale

Alexia Demetriou
Janine Butcher #2

Daniela Denby-Ashe
Sarah Hills

Amerjit Deu
Dr. Jaggat Singh

Janet Dibley
Lorna Cartwright

Anita Dobson
Angie Watts

Peter Doran
Trevor Kellogg

Edna DorÚ
Mo Butcher

Kriss Dosanjh
Mr. Mahmoud

Pavel Douglas
Mr Mantel

Richard Driscoll
Alex Healy

Nicola Duffett
Debbie Tyler/Bates

Richard Elis
Huw Edwards

Michael Elphick
Harry Slater

Ian Embleton

Tommy Eytle
Jules Tavernier

Craig Faibrass
Dan Sullivan

Leonard Fenton
Dr. Harold Legg

Perry Fenwick
Billy Mitchell

Alex Ferns

Douglas Fielding
Detective Sergeant Roy Quick

Frankie Fitzgerald
Ashley Cotton

Sarah Flind
Midwife Jean

Russell Floyd
Michael Rose

Delanie Forbes
Cassie Carpenter

Gretchen Franklin
Ethal Skinner

Michael French
David Wicks

Dean Gaffney
Robbie Jackson

Michelle Gayle
Hattie Tavernier

Ayša Gezener

Tanveer Ghani

Shreela Ghosh
Naima Jeffrey

David Gillespie
Duncan Boyd

Sean Gleeson
Conor Flaherty

Leroy Golding
Celestine Tavernier

Jacqui Gordon-Lawrence
Etta Tavernier

Victoria Gould
Polly Becker

Leslie Grantham
Den Watts

Jan Graveson
Disa O'Brien

Michael P. Greco
Beppe Di Marco

Stephen Greif
Brian Lassiter

Clare Grogan
C.P. Grogan

Ricky Groves
Garry Hobbs

Gary Hailes
Barry Clark

John Hallam
Mr 'Barnsey' Barnes

Mona Hammond
Blossom Jackson

Christopher Hancock
Charlie Cotton

Carol Harrison
Louise Simmonds/Raymond

Steven Hartley
Matthew Jackson

Charlie Hawkins
Greg McIntosh

Linda Henry
Lorraine Salter

Karen Henthorn
Julie Haye

Rachel Hiew

Carly Hillman
Nicky Di Marco

Amanda Holden

Mark Homer
Tony Hills

Joan Hooley
Josie McFarlane

Jane How
Jan Hammond

Gareth Hunt
Richie Stringer

Alan Hunter
Max Townsend

Richard Ireson
Reg Sparrow

Judith Jacob
Carmel Roberts

Oscar James
Tony Carpenter

Louise Jameson
Rosa Di Marco

Saul Jephcott
Danny Whiting

Ronny Jhutti
Sohail Karim

Andrew Johnson
Saeed Jeffrey

Michelle Joseph
Della Alexander

Paddy Joyce
John Royle

Shobu Kapoor
Gita Kapoor

Nisha Kapur
Shireen Karim

Mamta Kash
Mrs. Kaur

Elliot Katt
Elton Mathers

Elizabeth Kelly
Nellie Ellis

Gerard Kelly

Steve Owen (Martin Kemp) Martin Kemp
Steve Owen

Ross Kemp
Grant Mitchell

Barbara Keogh
Lilly Mattock

Jake Kyprianou
Joe Di Marco

Harry Landis
Felix Kawalski

Sophie Langham
Binnie Roberts

Sophie Lawrence
Diane Butcher

Michael Leader

Leanne Leakey
Belinda Slater

Jenny Lee
Mrs. Woods

Jacqueline Leonard
Lorraine Wicks

Matthew Jay Lewis
Chris Clark

Dulice Liecier
Sheena Mennell

Leon Lissek
Bruno Di Marco

Elaine Lordan
Lynne Slater

Ashvin Luximon
Asif Malik

Andrew Lynford
Simon Raymond

Gary MacDonald
Darren Roberts

Francis Magee
Liam Tyler

Sean Maguire
Aidan Brosnan

Nick Maloney

Joseph Marcell
Adrian Bell

Derek Martin
Charlie Slater

Samantha Leigh Martin
Vicki Fowler #2

Jamila Massey
Neelam Kapoor

Forbes Masson
Rodney 'Rod' Morris

Jacquetta May
Rachel Kominski

Gemma McCluskie
Kerry Skinner

Martine McCutcheon
Tiffany Raymond/Mitchell

Phil McDermott
Trevor Short

Steve McFadden
Phil Mitchell

Graham McGrath
Luca di Marco

Chris McHallem
Rod 'The Roadie' Norman

Paul Medford
Kelvin Carpenter

Michael Melia
Eddie Royle

Zienia Merton
Dr. Stokeley

Rebecca Michael
Janine Butcher

Pip Miller
Alan McIntyre

Cyril Nri
D.S. Burton

Jimi Mistry
Dr. Fred Fonseca

Mark Monero
Steve Elliot

Tara Moran
Felicity Barnes

Paul Moriarty
George Palmer

Campbell Morrison
D.C.I. Charlie Mason

Laila Morse
Maureen 'Mo' Harris

Cathey Murphy

Anthony Newley
Vince Watson

Paul Nicholls
Joe Wicks

Lesley Nightingale
Ronnie Bains

Carli Norris
Alice McMahon

Cyril Nri
D.S. Burton

Eileen O'Brien
Edie Smith

Allan O'Keefe
Chris Smith

Tamzin Outhwaite
Melanie Healy/Beale/Owen

Sid Owen
Ricky Butcher

Chelsey Paden
Jessie Moore

Patsy Palmer
Bianca Jackson/Butcher

Diane Parish
Lola Christie

Katherine Parr
Auntie Irene

Caroline Paterson
Ruth Aitken/Fowler

Helen Pearson
April McIntosh

Jon Peyton Price
Martin Fowler #1

Louise Plowright
Julie Cooper

Gary Powell
Laurie Bates

Lizzie Power
Christine Hewitt

Melanie Clark Pullen
Mary Flaherty

Gagendeep Rai
Sharmilla Kapoor

Sandy Ratcliff
Sue Osman

Ian Reddington
Richard 'Tricky Dicky' Cole

Nicola Redmond

Mike Reid
Frank Butcher

Eleanor Rhodes

Wendy Richard
Pauline Fowler

Gavin Richards
Terry Raymond

David Roper
Geoff Barnes

Casey Anne Rothery
Lucy Beale

Jason Rush
Joe Wallace

John Rutland
Reggie Thompson

Michelle Ryan
Zoe Slater

Jack Ryder
Jamie Mitchell

Aftab Sachak
Ashraf Karim

Sally Sagoe
Hannah Carpenter

Adele Salem
Vanessa Carlton

Pamela Salem
Joanne Francis

Nejdet Salih
Ali Osman

Nadia Sawalha
Annie Palmer

David Scarboro
Mark Fowler #1

Leslie Schofield
Brian Wicks
Jeff Healy

Pooja Shah
Kareena Ferreira

Ken Sharrock
Derek Taylor

Susanna Shelling
WPC Julie Morgan

Deborah Sheridan-Taylor
Saskia Duncan

Chook Sibtain
Jack Robbins

Rani Singh
Sufia Karim

Corinne Skinner-Carter
Audrey Trueman

Roger Sloman
DS Jackson

Lucy Speed
Natalie Price Evans

Pam St. Clement
Pat Wicks Butcher Evans

Nicola Stapleton
Mandy Salter

Madia Stavrinou
Mrs. Andreos

Shirley Stelfox
Jane Healy

Sara Stephens
Nicole Moore

Alex Stevens
Peter Beale

Stuart Stevens
Steven Beale

Donald Tandy
Tom Clements

Stella Tanner
Luisa Di Marco

Ron Tarr
'Big Ron'

Gillian Taylforth
Kathy Beale Mitchell

Dominic Taylor
Nick Holland

Doreen Taylor

Roberta Taylor
Irene Hills/Raymond

Jeannie Taylore

Mark Thrippleton
Paul Priestley

Troy Titus-Adams
Nina Harris

Bill Treacher
Arthur Fowler

Susan Tully
Michelle Fowler

Ruby Turner
Anita Goodall

Richard Vanstone
Eddie Skinner

Deepak Verma
Sanjay Kapoor

Mark Vidol
Luke Harrington

Tilly Vosburgh
Susan Rose

Jessie Wallace
Kat Slater

Lee Warner
Mr. Papadopoulos

Hannah Waterman
Laura Dunn

Jason Watkins
Gerry Fairweather

Tom Watt
George "Lofty" Holloway

Gary Webster
Graham Clark

Danniella Westbrook
Samantha Mitchell/Butcher

Clare Wilkie
Sandra Di Marco

Krystle Williams
Kim McFarlane

Sylvester Williams
Mick McFarlane

Shaun Williamson
Barry Evans

Barbara Windsor
Peggy Mitchell #2

Love Windsor
Satine Harkerbly

Anna Wing
Lou Beale

Steven Woodcock
Clyde Tavernier

Adam Woodyatt
Ian Beale

Ken Wynne
Ernie Mears

Arnold Yarrow
Benny Bloom

Matilda Ziegler
Donna Ludlow

Guest Stars:
Robbie Williams

Gordon Alcock
Ike Hamilton
Terence Harvey
William Lucas

Thanks to: Hannah with regards to the details about Bill Treacher.

Last Update: 27/12/04

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