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Originally titled The Midland Road, Crossroads was set in a Midlands Motel in the fictitious village of King’s Oak. In the 2001 version, Crossroads has turned into a posh four star hotel.

It originally centred on Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon), daughter Jill (Jane Rossington) and son Sandy (Roger Tonge) and their family.

ATV As the soap started to run at five nights a week, the hurried production schedule and the favour of recording it as if it were live became the butt of endless jokes, however the viewers loved it. Occasionally scooping over 18 million viewers made it a huge success.

But in 1981, ATV, the Production Company since it began, lost its ITV franchise to Central. Central took over the running of the show, but with it made some drastic changes. The Motel was burnt down (this was in order for Central to build a new set), Meg Richardson was written out to leave on the QE2 and not long after the open theme was given a more modern tone.

The series was to run for another seven years until Easter Monday 1988 when the Motel finally closed its doors due to poor scripts and loosing viewers.

However, Carlton, the company that now owns Central has brought the show back. New cast, new times and a whole new image, this Crossroads is aimed at the slightly younger audience than before as it is now occupying the old Home & Away slot.

Only Jill Harvey, ex-husband Adam Chance and Doris Luke returned from the original series, which turned out to be a dream anyway...

Broadcast Dates:

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Production Company:
ATV 1964-1981
Central 1981-1988
Carlton 2001-2003

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Your Views:
I have just read your website and hopefully I can get a few questions answered, I have just watched a programme on tv called "Grass" and I'm 100% positive I have seen Glenda from crossroads in it, am I correct? Also I have only found out that Jane Rossington was in emergency ward 10 can you tell me if she was in it the same time as "Desmond Carrington"?
Jim - ##/03/05

Do you have any recordings of episodes from the original series of Crossroads? These may be in any format, domestic or professional.
Brian - 05/05/04

Where is Lou, or Lew Luton Please. He was in Crossroads in the early 60s
Rebecca - 02/07/03

Where can I find info on the original ATV CROSSROADS please.
Thanks, Roy - 25/05/03
Roy, thanks for the e-mail. Most of the web sites listed above should have details about the original series.

whatever happened to ray lonnen ... he was my heartthrob at the age of
julia - 05/12/02

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Soap Cross-over

Production Cross-over


Jill & Adam Chance

Tony Adams
Adam Chance

Ronald Allen
David Hunter

Annette Andre
Sarah Alexander

Carl Andrews
Joe MacDonald

Joy Andrews
Tish Hope

Jane Asher
Angel Samson

Al Ashton
Ray Grice

Rhea Bailey
Chloe Simms

Colette Barker
Tracey Hobbs

Jonathan Barlow

John Bentley
Hugh Mortimer

Gillian Betts
Josephina Rafael

Kate Binchy
Gloria Tilling

Lionel Blair
Valentine Starwood

Sean Blowers
Tony Morris

Gabrielle Blunt
Penelope Farrar

Norman Bowler
Sam Benson

Roy Boyd
Eddie Lee

Johnny Briggs
Clifford Leyton

Tim Brooke-Taylor
Murray Simpson

Peter Brookes
Vince Parker

Nikki Brooks
Rosie Harding

Dorothy Brown
Lorraine Baker

Max Brown
Mark Russell

Julia Burchell
Nichola Russell

Richard Burke
Joe Lacey

Ann Castle
Angela Reece

Anne Charleston
Betty Waddell

Heather Chasen
Valerie Polard

Rebecca Clarke
Joanne Gibson

Edward Clayton
Stan Harvey

Sophie Cook
Sarah Jane Harvey

Elisabeth Croft
Miss Tatum

Fiona Curzon
Faye Mansfield

Peter Dalton
Minty Sutton

Rachel Davies
Elaine Winters

Les Dennis
Dr Richmond

Alison Dowling
Lisa Lancaster

Gabrielle Drake
Nicola Freeman

Christopher Duffy
Jamie Maddingham

Jim Dunk
Gary Bristow

Sandor Elès
Paul Ross

Beth Ellis
Helen Walker

Caroline Evans
Fiona Harding

Charmain Eyre
Mavis Hooper

Joanne Farrell
Sarah Jane Harvey

Claire Faulconbridge
Miranda Pollard

John Forgeham
Jim Baines

Ann George
Amy Turtle

Gilly Gilchrist
Billy Taylor

Zeph Gladstone
Vera Downend

Francesca Gonshaw
Lisa Walters

Joanne Good
Carole Sands

Philip Goodhew
Daniel Freeman

Noele Gordon
Meg Richardson/Mortimer

Robert Grange
Dr.James Wilcox

Neil Grainger
Phil Berry

Diane Grayson
Penny Richardson

Jane Gurnett
Kate Russell

Meryl Hampton
Margaret Grice

Susan Hanson
Diane Lawton/Parker/Hunter 'Miss Diane'

Cieran Hardcastle
Scott Booth

Trevor Harrison
Terry Butterworth

Rebecca Hazelwood
Beena Shah

Benny Paul Henry
Benny Hawkins

Dee Hepburn
Anne-Marie Wade

Sherrie Hewson
Virginia Raven

Peter Hill
Arthur Brownlow

Valerie Holliman
Eve Maddingham

Arthur Howard
Cecil Beecher-Blount

Kathryn Hurlbutt
Debbie Lancaster

Carolyn Jones
Sharon Metcalfe

Marc Jordan
Des White

Patrick Jordan
Mr Darby

Bernard Kay
Harry Maguire

Diane Keen
Sandra Gould

Elsie Kelly
Mrs. Tardebigge

Jean Kent
Jennifer Lamont

Mary Kenton
Edna Tilling

Ashok Kumar
Ranjit Singh Rupal

David Lawton
Mr. Booth

Angus Lennie
Shughie McFee

Mary Lincoln
Joanna Freeman

Shona Lindsay

John Line
Stephen Fellowes

Sue Lloyd
Barbara Brady/Hunter

David Lodge
The Walrus

Ray Lonnen
Victor Barnes

Justine Lord
Angela Kelly

Simon Lowe
Jason Grice

Michael Lunney
D.S. Garland

Gina Maher
Patsy Harris

James McKenzie-Robinson
Ray Dobbs

Reginald Marsh
Reg Lamont

Natasha Marquiss
Mandy Stocks

Cindy Marshall-Day
Tracey Booth

Matthew Maude
Scott Booth #2

Neil McCaul
Patrick Russell

Graham McGrath
Jimmy Samson

Breffni McKenna
Dave Gould

Lynette McMorrough
Glenda Brownlow/Banks

Michael McNally
Pete Maguire

Jill Meers
Maggie Bristow

Stuart Milligan
Max Samson

Terry Molloy
Stan Harvey

David Moran
Kevin Banks

Stella Moray
Mrs. Meacher/Hooper

Tony Morton
Carlos Rafael

Karen Murden
Beverley Grice

Jeremy Nicholas
John Maddingham

Sue Nicholls
Marilyn Gates

Emma Noble-Major
Suzie Samson

Margaret Nolan
Denise Paget

Harry Nurmi
Barry Hart

Kate O'Mara
Lady Alice Fox

Steven Pinder
Roy Lambert

Ben Porter
Vince Vaccaro

Glynn Pritchard

Dorota Rae
Paloma Gasiorowski

Andy Rashleigh

Andrew Rattenbury
Gary Corbett

Edwin Richfield
Canon Mellish

Terence Rigby
Tommy 'Bomber' Lancaster

Luke Roberts
Ryan Samson

Linda Robson
Wanda Wise

Jean Rogers
Julie Shepherd

Jane Rossington
Jill Richardson/Harvey/Chance

Toby Sayer
Tom Curtis

Graham Seed
Charlie Mycroft

Wendy Seely
Sheila Maguire

Tara Shaw
Tara James

Gerald Sim
Philip Reece

Roger Sloman
Rocky Wesson

Martin Smith
Mickey Doyle

Rosemary Smith
Pat Reddington

Kathy Staff
Doris Luke

Margaret Stallard
Mrs. Babbitt

Stan Stennett
Sid Hooper

David Sterne
Brian Hobbs

Natasha Symms

Shirin Taylor
Sue Kirk

Richard Thorp
Doug Randall

Roger Tonge
Sandy Richardson

Michael Turner
J.Henry Pollard

Pamela Vezey
Kath Brownlow/Fellowes

Luke Walker
Bradley Clarke

Max Wall
Wally Soper

Angela Webb
Iris Scott

Colin Wells
Jake Booth

Arthur White
John Latchford

Crossroads Motel Clare Wilkie
Cleopatra Samson

Nigel Williams
Douglas Brady

Wendy Williams
Sally Banks

Lisa Wiluamson
Katharine Kirk

Jack Woolgar

Dorota Zienska
Anna Radek

Lysette Anthony
Terence Harvey
Gary Webster

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