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Compact Annual 1963 Outline:
This was a mannered and upmarket drama of life at a glossy woman's magazine headed by a strong minded female editor blayed by Jean Harvey.

The magazine Compact was owned by publishing house Harmon Enterprises.

Within the first six months there were nine romances and three weddings within the staff.

Broadcast Dates:


Production Company:
BBC Television 1962-1965

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IMDB - Compact
Memorabletv - Compact

Your Views:
Does anyone know what happened to Monica Evans after the Odd Couple and where she is today?
Anita - 25/06/05

Greetings from Los Angeles, California.
I have visited your UK soap website and have enjoyed reading about the great british soaps past and present. I am a collector of vintage soap opera episodes and other general soap opera ephemera and was wondering if you had any ideas how I might go about acquiring some episodes of vintage UK shows?
Also, I recently acquired on ebay a book from the "Compact" series entitled "Compact Annual from 1963. Here's a copy of the cover for your website:
Thanks for your help!
Robert - 09/02/04

Can you tell me please whether the soap 'Compact' was the first soap televised by the BBC in the sixties.I note Compact was shown in January 1962. If not do you know of an earlier soap in the preceding two years?
Amazingly I cannot find a web side for the BBC anywhere!
Dave - 21/10/03

uk_soaps Editor reply:
Dear Dave,
Thank you for your enquiery regarding the BBC soap 'Compact'.
The first soap to be made by the BBC was in fact 'The Grove Family' from 1954-1957.
Further details can be found at:
Hope this helps,

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Soap Cross-overs

Production Cross-overs

Ronald Allen
Ian Harmon

Bridget Armstrong

Marcia Ashton

Vincent Ball
David Rose

Frances Bennett
Mary Augusta 'Gussy' Brown

Dawn Beret

Newton Blick
Sir Charles Harmon

Betty Cooper
Alison Gray/Morley

Gareth Davies
Mark Viccars

Robert Desmond
Adrian Coombe

Louise Dunn
Iris Alcott

Monica Evans

Robert Flemyng
Edmund Bruce

Sonia Graham

Jean Harvey
Joanne Minster

Brenda Kaye
Lorna Willis-Ede

Bill Kerr

Julia Lockwood
Anthea Keen

Leonard Maguire

Donald Morley
Mr Babbage

Basil Moss
Alan Drew

Nicholas Selby

Carmen Silvera
Camilla Hope

Johnnie Wade
Stan Millett

Moray Watson

Horace James

Thanks to Helen Ellis for details regarding Bill Kerr.

Last Update: 23/08/05

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