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Angels Cast Series 3 Outline:
This series followed the lives of six student nurses at St Angela's Hospital in London.

As the series went of the girls started to go on the pill, have affairs, even turning to drink. One even struggled to bring up a child while trying to hold down a job.
The then producer Julia Smith (EastEnders/Eldorado) replied by saying "There are a lot of tensions in a young nurse's life; it's no wonder some turn to drink. When your eighteen you've got a lot of growing up to do."

The series went out for just 13 weeks at a time and was said to be the equivalent to 'Z Cars' with its documentary-like style of filming.

Broadcast Dates:


Angels Production Company:
BBC Television 1975-1983

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Radio Times Cover Crew:

Claire Walker Cast:
Taiwo Ajai
Elaine Fitzgerald

Kathryn Apanowics
Nurse Rose Butchins

Tony Armstrong
Josh Jones

Debbie Ash
Sarah Regan

Martin Barrass
Ron Frost

Faith Brook
Miss Windrup

Angela Bruce
Sandra Ling

Nadia Cattouse
Sister Young

Shirley Cheriton
Katy Smart

Clare Clifford
Shirley Brent

Julie Dawn Cole
Jo Longhurst

Karen David
Sita Patel

Lesley Dunlop
Ruth Fullman

Janina Faye
Linda Hollis

Margaret Flint
Sister Frazer

Fiona Fullerton
Patricia Rutherford

Erin Geraghty
Maureen Morahan

Susan Gilmore
Elizabeth Fitt

Carol Holmes
Jean MacEwen

Fay Howard
Adrienne O'Shea

Judith Jacob
Beverley Slater

Mamta Kash
Nargis Khan

Shelley King
Jay Harper

Sarah Lam
Linda Mo

Joy Lemoine
Ayo Lapido

Kate Lock
Sarah Lloyd-Smith

Michelle Martin
Janet Dickens

Marsha Miller
Jennifer Sorrell

Joanna Monro
Anna Newcross

Eileen O'Brian
Mrs Sydney

Pauline Quirke
Vicky Smith

Sharon Rosita
Fleur Frost

Ken Sharrock
Den Booth

Kate Saunders
Brenda Cotteral

Suzanne Stone
Eva Nyeca

Juliet Waley
Alison Clarke

Claire Walker
Sarah Lloyd-Smith

June Watson
Sister Easby

Neil West
Dave Nowell

Gary Whelan
Roger Smart

Julia Williams
Tracey Willoughby/Carr

Marsha Fitzalan
Bill Treacher

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