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This was a 3 million twice-weekly weekend soap (Fridays & Sundays) to counter attack the BBC's newly launched soap EastEnders.
It was set on a street market in Manchester and dealt with such issues as social and ethnics with some cast as Jewish, West Indian, Pakistani and Vietnamese.

As time went on Granada (the production company) tried something extra as they noticed that viewing figures were dropping below that of Brookside over on the minority channel Channel 4. Sixties pop singer Helen Shapiro appeared as hairdresser Viv and 'Till Death Us Do Part' star Tony Booth played landlord Ted Pilkington, but it came too late and all was lost within just a year of opening.

Broadcast Dates:

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Production Company:
Granada 1985-1986

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Your Views:
Do you have the very first episode as a friend of mine is an extra and I would like to get it for her.
Mark - 20/04/03

Was there a character in Albion Market called Billy Bush or Billy Bushel? My only clear memory of the soap is a character played by an actor whose name I don't know but a few years ago seemed to be playing minor roles in several TV dramas- he was dark haired with prominent cheek bones. Have I dreamed that this character existed? I can't find anyone who seems to be him on the cast list?
Christine Bennett - 06/03/03

I was unlucky enough to be an extra in this soap, but never saw any episodes. Do you have any idea how I can obtain video footage?
Regards Jon - 20/02/03

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Soap Cross-over

Production Cross-over Cast:

Jonathan Barlow
Roy Harrison

Sally Baxter
Lisa O'Shea

Peter Benson
Larry Rigg

Paul Bhattacharjee
Jaz Sharma

Antony Booth
Ted Pilkington

David Boyce
Ralph Friend

Burt Caesar
Phil Smith

Hetta Charnley
Janet Owen

Souad Faress
Anita Rai

David Hargreaves
Derek Owen

Jane Hazlegrove
Debbie Taylor

Derek Hicks
Keith Naylor

Seeta Indrani
Sita Sharma

Paula Jacobs
Peggy Sagar

Rashid Karapiet
Narya Vyas

Jane Karen

Carol Kaye
Miriam Ransome

Noreen Kershaw
Lynne Harrison

Kelly Lawrence
Louise Todd

Geoffrey Leesley
Geoff Travis

Valerie Lilley
Brenda Rigg

Pik Sen Lim
Ly Nhu Chan

Nimmy March
Colette Johnson

Jamila Massey
Susha Sharma

John Michie
Tony Fraser

David Phelan
Sean Ellison

Andy Rashleigh
Colin Arnold

Leslie Rogers/Paul Beringer
Paul O'Donnell

Simon Rouse
Alan Curtis

Dev Sagoo
Raju Sharma

Helen Shapiro
Viv Harker

Bernard Spear
Morris Ransome

Philip Tan
Lam Quoc Hoa

Alistair Walker
Duane Rigg

Barbara Wilshere
Carol Broadbent

Seamus O'Neill
Steve Paris

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