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The other day, my wife said that I was a car nut.  I laughed at her until I stopped to think.  I've never been really 'into' cars like I thought a true car nut should.  I'm not very mechanically inclined or anything like that, but I do actually love cars.  Four of my main hobbies center around cars (the fifth is shooting pool), so what my wife says must be true.  Those hobbies are 1) collecting Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, 2) building plastic models, 3) building and racing Radio Control cars and trucks, and 4) taking care of my '92 Toyota MR2.  Since I can't really afford to keep a collection of 1:1 cars , I build and collect scale model cars since they are significantly cheaper and smaller to display.  I have set up this page to share some pics and links and to talk about my models a little bit.  Even though I say I'm a car nut and this site has a garage theme to it, you will notice that I don't build model cars exclusively.   I enjoy building nearly all types of models, from cars to aircraft to ships.   I have never modeled any armor, but I probably will some day.  This will probably not be to soon since in my mind I have about 5 or 6 models I REALLY want to build, and intend to build first.  Not to mention the models I have committed to build for friends and family.  I hope you enjoy your stay in Twisty's Garage.

This site has not been updated in some time and may not be for quite a while. Sorry.

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