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Soloist, Composer, Voice Over Artist

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"I have many interests and have extensively studied many things in my life, but if you had to sum me up, the description that says the most about me is that I am a singer. It is the reason I am on this planet."

Grayson is a soloist and member of various ensembles, holding degrees in vocal performance, 19th Century English Literature, Painting and Printmaking. Having studied at many institutions including Indiana University, University of Montevallo, International Baroque Institute at Longy and the Vancouver Early Music Programme at the School of Music, University of British Columbia, this brilliant musician has brought her skill and expertise in her performances to audiences in the United States and Canada. Plans are currently in progress to expand to venues in Scotland in the next year.
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Although extremely versatile, Grayson specialises in the German repertoire of the Romantic and Early Music periods. Grayson's tone is lovely, deep, resonant, and round, with a very low range that extends up 3 octaves. The warmth and timbre of Grayson's voice is extremely well suited for instrumental chamber music with solo voice, cantatas, oratorios, and one-on-a-part vocal ensembles. Grayson has regularly performed Bach and various other cantatas and oratorios as a soloist.
Grayson has an incredible affinity with the Romantic period style and it's especially with Mahler and Brahms, that this singer has been allowed to meet, and exceed, the Romantic Periods' musical demands of extensive vocal range and emotional depth with the audience. And that demand has been met with a high level of certainty, clarity, and passion that is rarely heard in live performance. [image of nothing]
Grayson has also performed concert announcement spots on 101.7 WCVT Classical Radio Vermont.
[image of nothing] Last year, Grayson re-formed her a capella trio Altus Vocare with the original members and they are currently rehearsing for the 2009 concert season.

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Grayson's is a voice that inspires modern composers , and many have written songs for the contralto to perform.

What is a Contralto?

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