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This page is  for Aggie Downloads:  Screen Savers, Themes, Sounds, Icons, etc.

Aggie Files is host  to download  files for Texas A&M University Aggies.  These include Aggie Themes, Aggie Skins, Aggie Gifs, BMPs and JPGs.  Aggie Windows Backgrounds, Aggie Screen Savers, Aggie icons, Aggie pointers, etc.  There are some other NCAA, College and t.u. type things on this page, but everything is pro Texas A&M University.  I have spent countless hours collecting these files to share with all of my Aggie friends.  Gig 'em Aggies!'s Aggie File Mirror Site!

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Created 12/25/98

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TAMU Theme Win-95/98 2.45MB AggieLand Theme Win-95/98 329kb aTm Theme Win-95/98 1.01MB Toombs98 Win-95/98 Background (.bmp) 329kb Aggie Files EXCLUSIVE!
Aggie Band Music! AgSkin WinAMP-81kb aTm Stationery Outlook-182kb Aggie Screen Saver!  $6.95
More Band Music AgSkin2 WinAMP-116kb Aggie OS/2 (.bmp) 7.05kb Aggie Banners, Icons, Backgrounds & More 
Patton (.wav) 815kb AggieSkin  WinAMP-20.5kb AggieSkin Quake 16.5kb Texas A&M Video Archive
NobleMen (.wav) 1.02MB WhoopSkin WinAMP-31.8kb BumBright Bldg QuakeMAP 363kb If you'd like store any of these MP3 Files on your own CDs:  Download the Acoustica MP3 CD Burner NOW!
GreenBerets (.wav) 546kb TxAggieSkin WinAMP-152kb BevoSkin Doom2 155kb CLICK HERE FOR AGGIE SHOPPING LINKS!!
Aggie War Hymn Comical (.wav)-687kb AgAmp WinAMP-44.4kb tu VS Texas A&M Mastercard Pic (.jpg)-296kb tu VS KSU Mastercard Picture! (.jpg)-246kb
TexasSux WinAMP-68.5kb GigEmAmp WinAMP-83.2kb Missing Man Over Kyle (.jpg)-309kb A&M Vs KSU MasterCard Pic (.jpg)-85.1kb WinAMP-104kb WinAMP-66.8kb WinAMP-22.5kb WinAMP-59.3kb WinAMP-28.6kb WinAMP-17.6kb WinAMP-40.9kb Aggie Backgrounds Windows
Horns Suc* (.jpg)-33.4kb  HornsVsOU2000 (.jpg)-265kb (.ani) aTm Animated Cursor-4.2kb  Aggie Background by L. Irvin Windows-182kb
TexasA&M WinAMP-17.6kb TamuSkin WinAMP-16.1kb Aggie Blinds For (.zip)-19.5kb  t.u. Chicken (.jpg)-7.85kb For Hawaii
Chris' Files to Download Rich's Page:  Some Great Downloads! Songs of Texas Midi Downloads Texas A&M Screensaver:  Softworld'sFair
If you'd like store any of these MP3 Files on your own CDs:  Download the Acoustica MP3 CD Burner NOW!
Unofficial Bonfire 99 Screen Saver Texas A&M Screensaver:  Logomation Texas A&M Vs OU .avi's CLICK HERE FOR AGGIE SHOPPING LINKS!!

Thanks for all of the great suggestions from my all of my Aggie friends!  PLEASE SEND ME ANY MACINTOSH AGGIE STUFF THAT SHOULD BE ON THIS PAGE.




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