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Formerly Known as FREE FOR ALL
The Los Angeles Skills Pool
Serving L.A. and the World
For nearly 35 years, BEYOND BARTER has given folks unlimited access to hundreds of valuable services, supplied by participants to one another at no charge, beyond the small membership fee. Though we're centered in Los Angeles, members are as
far-flung as the British West Indies.

Services are
freely shared--not traded. Each member commits to provide service upon request, up to the weekly maximum she or he stipulated upon joining. There's no maximum applying to services used.

Members offer the full gamut of services: professional, technical, creative, instructional, domestic, and blue-collar. Anything useful is welcome, as long as it's offered without charge of any kind. Out-of-pocket expenses are paid by the receiving member.

health-related services include massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, traditional psychotherapy, aromatherapy, weight control, guided meditation, and electrotherapy. Members also offer driving, singing telegrams, computer lessons, party services, art and music lessons,
jewelry repair, top-level photography, website and print design, tennis lessons, academic tutoring
in virtually any subject, and hundreds of other free services, even hotel stays. Services are added continually. View more current services here.

(A small number of members have their own websites, links to which are found at
this page.)

OUR LOW FEE: Your total cost is only $59 a year (under five dollars a month), plus a one-time registration fee of $66 per household. The entire initial amount of $125 can be made up easily by a couple of services, and is guaranteed for thirty days.
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