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The very first time I sat down at the computer and began browsing the internet, I had no clue what to do or where to start. So I did a search on Lupus. I had no clue what it was going to yield nor did I understand how much that simple little search would change my life.
I want to share some of the links to sites I have found very informative, I have also included some that provide wonderful support through other "lupies", along with personal sites of others who are living with lupus in their own way!

Informative links:
Lupus Foundation of America
The lupus Site
Pathology of Lupus
Lupus Resource Center
Lupus Around the world

Support groups/fourms:
  LUpus Patients Understanding and Support (LUPUS)
Lupus Around the World
Lupus Den
Lupus Community @

Personal Sites:
Cyndee's Page
Monica's Lupus Story
Faces of Lupus
Follow my Lupus By Brett

If it were not for a lot of the information on the pages listed here…. I would still be in the dark while trying to live with lupus.

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