What is Lupus?

There are 3 different types of lupus those types are defined as:

Drug Induced: This form of lupus is commonly associated with medications a person is taking, once the suspect medication is ceased, symptoms generally disappear with in a short amount of time

Systemic: Systemic Lupus (SLE) is involved with the persons body. It can prey on any organ or system with in the body including organs, joints, skin. It has been described as problem with the immune system which causes the body to actually turn against its self. In a way the body gets confused and instead of warding off the bad things in your body, it begins attacking the good things as well.

Discoid: Discoid lupus involves primarily the skin. Creating rashes and other problems with the skin. Research has shown that some individuals diagnosed with Discoid Lupus, are eventually diagnosed with Systemic.

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