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A writer of perceptual musings, rationale, the great outdoors and nature. A saunterrer and individualist. Residing in Northeastern Wisconsin most of his life, now Florida. He shares his knowledge of the outdoors-life through his unique, reflective, writing style. Connotes himself as having a 'Thoreau like' disposition, in some manner or form -- not wanting of society nor it's discontent.
Here you will find some outdoor articles, photos of waterfalls around Lake Superior and the UP, and more general outdoor photos. Links to other outdoor related sites too. And *do* click on the snapping turtle for the closeup views, they are simply awesome! (worth the visit here)

Hopefully you will find an appealing interest here -- as time allows, I will be adding more subject matter of all sorts. New pages will include camping, boating, hunting, fishing, atv's and snowmobiles, hiking and biking.

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September 26, 2002    

A little about myself… I live about 100 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. I enjoy the great outdoors with appreciative fondness. This northwoods area of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan has so much to offer for the outdoor enthusiast. And… I can't help it, it's what I love to do!

I have worked in a paper mill for 19 years. At that same time I ran a lawn mowing and snow removal service for 6 years. (6 employees at peak) I also did a little bit of photography work. I didn't like working swing shifts so I signed up for an early-out retirement package. I really didn't think I would be awarded this, being of lessor seniority than fellow workers, but it did trickle down to me. Being a little too young for full retirement and not one to sit idle, upon being granted the package, a choice was made to go into the logging business. I loved being outdoors, there is just something that is so peaceful about it and logging put me smack in the middle.

But then, the bad news -- I have 'inherited' some type of disease around Dec. of 2000. It probably is Lupus, but the doctors do not want to put a definite finger on it. So, round and round I have gone to different doctors - my ANA teter (anti nuclear antibodies) is elevated to 1:320 and my protein level is off so they say that there is something definitely wrong, but do not know what it is specifically (wide range of options here in the soft tissue category). My joints are like a tendon or ligament sprain that will not heal and at times I just feel 'run down'..

I had to adjust to a slower pace... I could not work the long hours required in the competitive business of logging, and inevitably I had to quit doing something I really enjoyed.

So it brings me to the present -- I am a hobbyist outdoor writer and photographer. It keeps me outdoors in nature where I love to be. New to it all and writing decently is a long process, so I am not yet published. I'm compiling material, mostly for outdoor magazine articles, and some inspirational pieces. I've started some lengthily journal material that could, in all likilyhood, be turned into books, but that is a long, long way from being completed.

I am not the same person that I once was, for I was one to always be on the go. But I do like my new life style and have 'adjusted' to it. Slower pace, less stress, being outdoors -- actually is quite tranquil.

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aphorisms of wisdom

"Rid yourself of desire and you rid yourself of disappointment."

"With great attachment to 'wants and needs' comes great

"The sun does not rise. The sun does not set. We just rotate around!"

"The future is uncertain. The past is no more. The present is absolute. Live in THIS moment."

"My drumbeat is of a saunterer's pace - exploring that which is skimmed."

"Nature transcends the knowledge of anyone comprehending it fully."

"I find things ridiculous, until I am out of eyesight of man."

"The happiest of men are those who are content within nature."

"Of that ineffable essence - conversation -- he who thinks most, will say least."

"Common sense is not so common."

"I'm not a bad cook, it's just that you are a bad eater."



"Is it better to let the nitwits be in charge and work for them?"
"Is it better to be in charge and have the nitwits work for you?"
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B Herman
"The Hermit Writer"
Update 11-29-2002
I am now on the staff of "Water and Woods" as a writer and photographer. It is an on-line magazine, I will provide a link to it on my 'links page'.

Update 02-20-04
I have now been published in various local papers and an outdoor magazine called Wishigan Outdoors.

Update 9-12-04
Was just in the hospital again... I can now add Graves Disease to the list. It is an hyper-active thyroid problem. Heh, maybe I'll shed a few pounds!
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