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Suicidal Psycho Software
A non-profit Texas Instruments (C)
Calculator Programming Group.

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By: Patrick Stone

Amerika Online Series
Black Eagle Shell Series

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Amerika Online v2.0SE-O
Black Eagle Shell v3.1SE-XP
Black Eagle Shell GUIs
About Suicidal Psycho Software
Fake Memory Clear v2.0
Homework v0.1beta
Ti-83k DOS v1.1beta
Fake Garbage Collect
Program Tool Extras
Theta-5 Shell
Online America
Towers of Hanoi
Games Pack
Island Hoppers Pack
Battle Bots DX v1.0beta
Calculator Utilities
Program Optionsv1.2
Basic Sprites

Current Members
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Patrick Stone (10/12/04)
R Keen (10/19/04)
Alex Silkin (01/04/05)
Nick Corthals (02/17/05)
George Karavaev (02/20/05)
Richard Bustamante (03/07/05)
Thomas Dickerson (03/21/05)
Jacob Champlin (04/14/05)
Drew Enoch (07/09/05)
SPS News
07-17-2006 .:. Black Eagle Shell 4.0 Update .:.
1. I am preparing to upload a Beta version of BES 4.0 (Black Eagle Shell 4.0 Beta [Build 328]) to and our website. The reason for doing this is to see if anyone is still interested in the project. I am getting ready to start working on it again and I want to get some feedback before spending too much time on it. Hopefully, if everything works out, there will be a news article posted on their homepage and people will give me feedback. Also, if people like it as much as I hope they will, it will be a big motivation to finish it.

10-24-2005 .:. Black Eagle Shell 4.0 Screenshots .:.
1. I have screenshotted BES 4.0 (ASM Version). Here are all of the screenshots.

Let me know what you think. You can see bigger versions of the screenshots at the forum. Here is the link...Poll about Black Eagle Shell v4.0 ASM.

09-25-2005 .:. Released Program & Other Updates .:.
1. Uploaded Basic Sprites by Thomas Dickerson. It can be found on the BASIC Programs page.

2. I have updated other random things like the About SPS page.

09-18-2005 .:. Released Program & Upload Link .:.
1. Uploaded Bowling by Drew Enoch. It can be found on the BASIC Programs page.

2. Added an Upload File link so now when you want to upload a file, you just go to our homepage (Suicidal Psycho Software) and click on "File Upload". This way, I get all the information I need to upload the file and I won't have to bug the author (which slows down archive time).

09-02-2005 .:. Getting into the groove of things .:.
1. I am finally starting to figure out my routines. I go to school Mon-Fri (not all day though) and I work Sat and Sun morning (early...really early). Also, I am starting to see which days I don't have homework and which days I always have homework. Soon, I will be able to start programming again. I can't fact, I am really excited about it. Also, I am buying a TI-89 Titanium because it will help me out in Calc II. Now that I know how to do all of that Calculus stuff, why not let a calculator do it for me. LOL.

2. This is the plan: I don't have school or work Monday, 09-05-2005, so I plan on working on BES 4.0. It has been a long time since I have even looked at the code, so I will be familiarizing myself with it again so I can jump back into programming. The shell is near completion...however, I was having a few problems with making it into an APP. I have reformatted my hard drive two times since last year (not to worry, I still have all of my programs backed up) so I will need to re-download things like TASM. Please be patient as I get my crap together. I am terribly sorry about the lengthy times without communication and updates. I am just so damn busy! Thanks for staying strong guys. Please update me on any projects or programs you are working on.

1. Well, here is the scoop. I am extremely busy and not motivated to program right now. With a girlfriend, a more than full time job, the position, and moving to a new apartment, I have no time nor motivation to program right now. It really sucks because I like to do it so much and I really wanted to get BES4.0 done. For right now, I am postponing it and all of my other programs until after school has started again. I know I will have time and motivation once I am back in school. School starts August 22, so soon after that I will give an update on BES4.0.

2. Drew Enoch joins Suicidal Psycho Software and is the ninth member (eleventh to join).

1. First of all, I am terribly sorry about the lack of communication and updates to this website and Suicidal Psycho Software. As you now know, (provided you have recently visited I am part of the staff there. I am a one of two newly hired file archivers. That is one main reason I have been so distant, as well as working a minimum of 40 hours a week at my job. Jason (the other file archiver) and I have known we were being hired for about a month now but were sworn to secrecy. I am terribly sorry. I hate not telling you guys what's going on.

2. As for Black Eagle Shell 4.0, nothing has been done recently. I am being pulled in so many different directions. But not to worry, it will get done. Also, sorry for any of you who have updated files. I will work on processing them this weekend.

3. Otherwise, SPS is doing fairly well. Not much has been going on. I do have mail in my inbox of someone who wants to join. So check here soon for updates and maybe a new member.

1. Updated Battle Bots DX from v0.1beta to v1.0beta. Information can be found on the Basic Programs page.

2. Updated Program Options v1.2. Information can be found on the ASM Programs page.

1. Updated Jacob Champlin's Profile on the About SPS page. Also, added Internet Explorer (which he is working on) to the Upcoming Programs page.

1. Jacob Champlin joins Suicidal Psycho Software and is the eighth member (tenth to join).

1. Uploaded 3 New Programs: Battle Bots DX v0.1beta, Calculator Utilities, and Program Options. Battle Bots DX and Calculator Utilities can be found on the BASIC Programs page. Program Options can be found on the ASM Programs page.

1. A sad day at Suicidal Psycho Software as Chris Kader resigns. We wish him well in all of his programming ventures and hope someday, just like the others, he returns.

2. On a different note, I updated Program Tool Extras on the ASM Programs page. It is now bug free (at least to my knowledge).

1. All of the programs on our website now have 3 screenshots (except a few that would not work on my calculator or VTI or FlashDebugger). Also, not all on the Upcoming Programs page have been screenshotted because I do not have a copy of the upcoming program.

2. The forum has started to pick up a little, with about a post every day or so.

3. BES 4.0 is coming along. I haven't had a lot of time to program right now, but I will soon. My classes are finally starting to slow down. The little time I do have has been spent on the webpage and screenshotting all of our files.

1. In case you haven't noticed, the webpage is different. Actually, I programmed our new site entirely in HTML. I was sick of using things like PageBuilder (C). Now, we have a more professional looking site. Sorry, I couldn't keep the background. It just wasn't working with the tables. If you have any questions or comments, E-mail me (Patrick Stone). I know it might take some time getting used to, but overall, it is quicker and better (and I will be tinkering with things here and there). I am now in the process of coding the few remaining pages and screenshotting as many files as I can. It is greatly appreciated if you can screenshot your own files before you send them to me to upload. Thank you.

2. Make sure you check out all of the pages. Let me know if you find anything that is messed up or anything you like/dislike. At the moment, I believe only 4 pages are not in the new style. These pages include: The Amerika Online Series Webpage, The Black Eagle Shell Series Webpage, The Tutorials Page, and The How-To Make BES GUIs Tutorial Webpage.

1. My interview with last night went pretty well. I guess we will know if I become a file archiver there soon enough. I will keep you posted.

2. A new site is in the works. I am coding it directly with HTML...none of those easy-page-builder things. If you want a preview of it, just let me know and I can send you one. Also, I think I will switch from Geocities to Freewebs or something because there is no ad frame there.

1. Happy late Easter to all!(if you celebrate it, that is).

2. We now have our very own forum (thanx to Shadow Pheonix). Click here to goto it. Also, you may have noticed the links at the top of the page have changed. The Amerika Online link and Black Eagle Shell link are no longer there and now there is a Forum link. However, you can still get to those pages above and on the left.

3. I am proud to announce that I am being interviewed Thursday night by for a position on their staff. I think it would be an honor to work for them. Not to worry(for any of those who might have), things will still go on here like normal. I promise. I will post some information about the interview as soon as I know some.

1. Added Theta-5 Shell to the Flash Programs page.

2. Added Online America, Towers of Hanoi, and Games Pack to the Basic Programs page.

3. Added Island Hoppers Pack to the ASM Programs page.

4. Updated this page and the About SPS page.

1. Thomas Dickerson joins Suicidal Psycho Software and is the eighth member (ninth to join).

1. Fixed an error on the All Programs Page (wrong file association).

2. Added Ti-83k DOS v 1.1beta to the All Programs page. Uploaded it.

3. Added Fake memory Clear v2.0 to the All Programs page. Uploaded it as well.

4. Updated the About SPS page. It was missing a few programs.

1. Updated the Slordax picture on the Upcoming Programs page.

2. Added Program Tool Extras on the All Programs page and updated this page. Uploaded it for download.

1. The seventh SPS newsletter was sent out today.

2. DASM was deleted from the Upcoming Programs page as requested by the author. In its place is Slordax, a pheonix style shooter in ASM. There is an animated GIF for this program on that page.

3. Black Eagle Shell v4.0 (ASM) is almost complete. It should be uploaded soon. However, please be patient as time is limited.

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