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The Shawnee Ridgeriders Motorcycle Club was founded in February of 1999. The idea was conceived on a cold, boring winter day when "having the sun to your back and a breeze in your face while riding your Harley Davidson" was merely wishful thinking. A few phone calls, a meeting or two, and a small group of friends who usually rode on weekends formed their club.
Our area's rich Shawnee Indian history and the fact that we rode some of the State's most beautiful ridges brought forth our club name and colors we all proudly wear today. And though we ride our hogs, wear our leather and bear a few tatoos, our band strives to be different from the rowdy bikers that Hollywood has stereotyped.
Enjoying our bikes  and promoting the sport of motorcycling and the camaradarie that goes with it are our main goals; but, our club has been there for charitable groups raising and donating several thousand dollars to the Cancer Society, Special Wish Foundation and local families for various needs. We also manage a two-mile section of our local highway in the Adopt-A-Highway Litter Control Program.
Our group has quickly grown to thirty members. The road hasn't always been easy, but friendships run deep and our group is committed to being around awhile.
So, the next time your family is driving down the road and you're passed by a group of black, leather clad bikers with the orange and black S.R.M.C. on their backs........Smile and give'em a wave.........It could be you they are helping tomorrow.

A rides end. Come on in!
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Shawnee Ridgeriders
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In Honor of Our Country & Troops
SRMC Poker Runs:
Open to the public. Everyone invited!
May 16th 09 the annual Veteran's Appreciation Spring Poker Run & Party, and
Sat., Sept. 12th 09  the sixth annual Patriot Day Run!
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United We Stand
Historical Tributes of the Shawnee Ridges
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