Radio Controlled Soaring
On these pages you will find information on all facets of radio controlled soaring. There will also be information on construction techniques and design, developed by myself and others.
Personal Information - I have been involved with aviation for most of my life. If  you would like to find out more, have a look here........Update!!! As of November 2003 I have retired from the airline industry!!! More info in the personal info section!!
HAND LAUNCH GLIDERS - Handlaunch gliders come in several sizes. The two most common are 1.5 meter or approximately 60 inches in span, and Micro, 750 mm or about 30 inches in span. As the name implies they are launched by hand hoping to gain altitude by hooking into thermals close to ground level.....Considered by some to the purest form of R/C soaring!! I have updated info on my latest designs for SAL/DLG....
THERMAL DURATION - Thermal Duration are either winch or high-start launched planes of 2 meter or larger wingspans. Some of the models shown here are referred to as F3J, or F3B. These are international designations for these craft.
SLOPE - Slope soarers come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the types shown here will be:

- F3F- Slope racing and aerobatic slope gliders. A lot of todays planes are of Composite construction. I will try and cover some of these construction techniques as I develop the site in the future in a Tips and Techniques section.

- PSS - Power Slope Scale. These are copies of powered aircraft which are flown as gliders on the slope. One of the most popular is the P51, one of my favourites. These planes may be made of conventional materials (balsa etc.) or also EPP or polystyrene foam...I have a new Hawk PSS design!!

- COMBAT - Combat gliders are made from a tough foam called EPP (Expanded Poly Propylene) They are flying wings (e.g. Zagi, Boomerang etc. ) or conventional aircraft (P51 etc.).

ELECTRIC - Electric powered aircraft have come a long way in the last few years. Today there iseverything from slow flyers to pylon racers. So far my involvement has been with Speed 400 Pylon Racers.....
Technical Information - Have a look at some building tips and ideas from myself and others around the world.......Updated Jan 15 2002
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