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(2/14) At The WB's official website,you can send e-valentines to their "super" someones.

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Preview of the DC Direct Smallville Action Figures!
(2/12) has posted images of the upcoming Smallville action figures, which were just previewed at the New York Toy Fair.

The three figures to be released are of Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Lex Luthor, made to look very much like their television counterparts. Each figure also comes with an accessory -- Lana with a bag and a Kryptonite necklace that you too can wear, Clark with kryptonite -- err, meteor rocks, and Lex with a computer so he can call up LuthorCorp and KryptonSite whenever he pleases.

To your left you can find an image of the Lex figure. At the top left side of this article you can see the shot of all three.

No formal release date has been revealed for the figures.

You can see a few more images by clicking
here. Thanks to EVERYONE who wrote in to share this news! (There were a dozen of you!)


Spoilers For A "Stray"
(UPDATE 2/13) KryptonSite has now posted spoilers for an upcoming episode of Smallville titled "Stray." So what are you waiting for? You know you want to read more! So swing by the KryptonSite spoilers page and see what it's all about! Note: Some episode details have changed, so if you've been there already, go again!

From  Kryptonsite

MAD Magazine Visits "Smellville"
(2/10) We are hearing that Smellville (yes, we know there's an "e" there instead of an "a") is the cover feature for the newest issue of MAD, now hitting newsstands. If anyone happens to have a cover scan of the issue, please send us some mail!

Cracking Lex Luthor's Intranet Password...
(2/10) Ever since Victoria broke into Lex Luthor's intranet in "Shimmer," fans have wondered if they could get in just like she did.

We  have been trying to find out the password, too, with no luck. However, there IS a way to get around the password function -- if only for a brief second. Could it be that the real version of the site is a work in progress? See for yourself by following these steps:

#1. Go to
#2. Click the "Login" button.
#3. (PC users) Right click anywhere on the browser window and select "Play." (Mac users) Press "control" and click and do the same thing. (Thanks Lindsay!)
#4. If it doesn't let you do that immediately, keep trying until it accepts you.
#5. You'll see a blue button. Click on it, and then right click and press "Play" again.
#6. You're in! Briefly. But then this only works for a second before Lex leaves a surprise for you!

Still, this may be the key to getting in to Lex's intranet. If anyone finds any more tips, please write in! We are not posting the contents of what people might find by following these instructions because you should just go and see for yourself what happens!

Another possible LuthorCorp tidbit can be found on the KryptonSite spoilers page. Just go to the very bottom of the page and look under "More Spoilers..." Thanks to "The Spike" for passing that along!


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Spoilers from Kryptonsite

More Spoilers...
The Dec. 8 TV Guide stated the following: "It may turn out that Lois [Lane] already has a relative in town: Clark's friend, Chloe, hyper-girl journalist." Could Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane be related? We'll have to see...
* It is widely known that the Smallville producers would like to have Bruce Wayne appear on the series. However, at this moment, there are no distinct plans that we know of.
* A USA Today article reported that "an event in May will launch Lex's move into the Dark Side."

All New | Kinetic| 10/9C


Whitney falls in with the wrong crowd, and some villains who can walk through walls decide to burglarize Lex's mansion!

Because the WB is airing a special presentation of "Witchblade" next week, "Kinetic" will air on Tuesday, Feb. 26 on the WB. For more spoiler information*** about the episode
click here.

***Spoilers from
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An unexplainable event occurred recently, and those who witnessed it are still trying to figure out how it happened. After watching a thief steal a purse from a female high school student, Eric Summers came to the aid of one of his classmates and retrieved the bag that contained a laptop computer.

Eric Summers

Not only did Summers stop the attacker and save the computer, but he hurled the man at least 30 feet into the air! Defying all the principles of physics, the purse snatcher flew 30 feet--powered only by Summers' incredible strength. How did young Mr. Summers do that? I don't know, and I'm the student he helped. In fact, I typed this article on the laptop he saved.

But apparently, Summers doesn't plan to use his newfound powers solely for good. Yesterday, at Smallville High School, he got
involved in a fight with a fellow student. In an uncontrollable rage, he flung a truck clear across the parking lot! He then launched two classmates at least 20 feet.
Last night, deputies responded to an emergency call from the troubled youth's parents. After law enforcement officials arrived at the scene, Summers overturned one of their cars and threw another through the roof of his parents' house, to the amazement of onlookers.

Authorities later found Summers unconscious near Rockway Dam, inexplicably electrocuted. He was rushed to Smallville Medical Center for treatment. According to hospital officials, medical experts from S.T.A.R. Labs have already arrived at the facility to study this incredible phenomenon. It was not clear at press time whether charges will be filed against Summers for the mayhem he caused.

By Chloe Sullivan
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