Making Informed Choices

Many women, myself included, have gone into their birth experiences without completely exploring their options and without an awareness of their rights as a birthing mother to be given the opportunity to persue the kind of experience they want, rather than what is most convenient for the hospital staff and the attending physician. Even with an increased popularity of freestanding birthing centers and homebirthing, midwifery and even unassisted birthing, the vast majority women in the US choose to have their children in hospitals, attended by obstetricians. This choice is usually made based on the misconception that hospitals are the ONLY safe place to give birth and obstetricians, with their medical background and training, are more able to effectively handle emergency situations. This is not necessarily always the case. In fact, the “medical management of labor – an increased use of interventions before they become necessary - subsequently increases the risk of further complications to mom and baby, including an increased risk for cesarean section. Unfortunately, most women will not be made aware of this by their attending obstetrician and need to peruse information regarding the medically managed labor – including it’s risks – on their own.

Although I support a woman’s right to choose whatever birthing options with which she is most comfortable, I do believe that too many of us limit ourselves by not fully exploring all the possibilities that have become available in recent years. We need to be making informed decisions regarding the way in which we give birth to our children rather than naively placing the control into the hands of someone who may not have our best interests at heart - and later suffering the reprecussions.

Why I Built My Birth Pages

I initially created this site to help organize my own thoughts in planning a
more positive birth after an unnecessarily traumatic birth with my first child. It has ivolved in the last two years into a means of helping women to become more aware of their options and their rights as a birthing mother so they are able to avoid unnecessary trauma and achieve more positive birth experiences. In addition to being a mother of two, I am a birth doula, currently persuing certification through DONA (Doulas of North America). I am also in the process of certifying as a childbirth educator through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association). The information you will find here has been compiled through the research I have done, both as part of my training as a doula and CBE and as a mother, searching for information on how to heal from a past traumatic birth and achieve an empowering experience the next time around.

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The Birth Pages

Choosing a Care Provider
Whether you want a hi-tech hospital birth or to birth your babies in the comfort of your own home, finding the right care provider is key to having a positive birth experience.

Choosing a Birth Environment
The environment in which you choose to give birth has a significant impact on the quality of your birth. Explore all the options before making your decission.

Building a Birth Plan
How to create a clear and concise birth plan that effectively expresses your needs and preferences that WON'T end up in the waste basket at the nurses station.

Your Labor Support System
Having adequate emotional support before, during and after the birth of a child is proven to improve birth outcomes and ease the transition to motherhood. Who will your idea birth support team consist of?

Pain Management
There ARE choices beyond narcotics and epidural anesthesia... find out how to better manage the pain of labor WITHOUT the risk associated with medication.
VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
Find out more about VBAC and how to improve your chances of achieving a successful and healing vaginal birth after cesarean.

Common Interventions & Procedures
From AROM to episiotomy, find out about the reasons, risks, benefits and alternatives for the most common hospital procedures and interventions.

Surviving the First Weeks

A very basic trouble-shooting guide for the first few weeks of the breastfeeding relationship with your newborn, includes information on the benefits of breastfeeding and common problems that you may encounter.

The Birth Story Gallery
From high-intervention hospital birth to home VBACs... you got a birth story? I want it! This section is a bit small now, but I'm working on it.

Recommended Reading
Knowledge is power, especially where giving birth in concerned. These are all books that I have either read and enjoyed, or have been recommended to me by friends and other birth professionals. Happy reading!

Birth Doula Services
Looking for professional labor support in the Denver Metro Area? You've come to the right place! Follow the link for more details.

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