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ISF was formed to promote, improve, and perpetuate the Singapura Cat breed; to encourage responsible breeding practices; and to provide a networking resource that helps people and cats find each other.

Because these cats are still not very common, smaller Breeders just starting out often have a hard time finding other Breeders to work with, and Pet Buyers have difficulty locating Breeders with available cats or kittens. ISF Member Breeders can get referrals through the club secretary, through the club's paid advertising in cat-related publications, and now through this website.

ISF also offers an associate membership for people who own and love Singapura cats, but are not breeders themselves.

To apply to join ISF, or for more information, write to:

      Independent Singapura Fanciers
      84 Rogerene Way
      Landing, NJ 07850

Or, you may email Independent Singapura Fanciers and request information about joining. Include mailing address.

Pictured above is IW, RW, SGC Shiverden's Jubilee of Chaparral
Sire: CFA GC Jubilation Elf Dam: TICA RW SGC Sing-Sing Boni Baru of Shiverden
TICA's Singapura Kitten of the Year 1999-2000
TICA's Singapura Cat of the Year 2000-2001
TICA's Shorthair Cat of the Year 2000-2001!!

Visit the Information Guide to learn more about the Singapura cat.

Visit the Gallery to see a collection of pictures of Singapura cats.

Visit the Breeder Listings to find a breeder in your area.

All Breeder Members have signed and promised to adhere to the ISF Code of Ethics:

All Independent Singapura Fanciers (ISF) members will strive to promote and represent the Singapura in an unbiased and trustworthy manner.
The ISF is committed to the improvement of the Singapura. All breeding is done with that in mind and not for financial gain.
Each member breeder will maintain his/her cattery to the highest standards.
Cats with known heritable health defects will not be used in breeding programs.
It is the responsibility of each ISF breeder to sell cats/kittens for breeding only to those, who to the best of their knowledge, will use the animal both responsibly and ethically.
Each breeder will assist a prospective new owner desiring a show cat to find the best possible available kitten. Any and all possible assistance will be given to the new exhibitor/breeder.
All ISF breeders will reach a clear understanding on the placement of all cats/kittens. Written agreements are strongly recommended. Accurate pedigrees will be made available on all offspring.
Registration papers for cats/kittens sold with an alter stipulation will only be provided after veterinary proof of alteration is received.
All Singapuras placed by ISF breeders shall have received all vaccines currently recommended for their age.

Photographic Copyright: Photos displayed on this website may not be downloaded or copied without the express permission of the owner.

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