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Welcome to the newest Star Trek PBEM RPG around today. Task Force One doesnt use a fancy template like many sites however allot of hard work has been put into this site.

Another big difference between Task Force One and many other sites out their is the simple fact that majority of games that are new and open up already have atleast 4 CO's, and all the high up positions are taken.

Not Task Force One. I opened this site with full intention of it being BRAND NEW and I wanted our players to decide what direction she should take. So all positions at the time of us opening were available.

Currently We have 2 Task Groups which are open and recruiting. We didnt open them all up because I would like to start filling up each Task Force One by One.

Some things are still under contruction, but mostly everything is operational. If you have any suggestions for our fleet then please dont hesitate to contact us, we appreciate any feedback we receive.

Commdore Zachary Weiss
Fleet CO, TF1, Alliance
Federation Symbol Klingon Symbol
Romulan Symbol
Starfleet, the Romulan Empire  the Klingon Empire, working togeather- how long can it last?, what will happen if the Alliance falls apart?.
if you are interested in becomming apart of the Task Force One, Alliance  or would liket o see another race/species added to the Alliance- contact Commodore Weiss
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