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Summer Dawn
Born Jan. 3, 1981
Eclectic Pagan
New Mother
Engaged as of:
Living in a small town
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Hello again. This is me. Writing whatever comes to mind. Wow a lot has happened since I put together this little homepage for myself. Some good, some bad, some just so-so. Thats the way it goes I guess. I've been planning an update for quite some time now, but haven't had a chance. And when a few chances did come my way the computer was overrun by viruses.
   The computer is still fried, but at least it lets me use it once and a while. I am taking this moment to give a big finger in the air to Norton Anti-virus. More like Norton "sure come on in" virus.  I've had more problems since I downloaded it than I did before. And the Norton Firewall. Hah! It blocks out anything that it feels is dangerous. Which means that I have a million pop-ups but I can't view anything else online. It blocks every single website out there, MSN, CNN, Yahoo, all of them. But those pesky pop ups are ok to cover my screen. What a waste of money!
   Starting this week I'll be a full time day nanny to my nephew and two neices. A 5 year old, a 2 year old, a 7 month old, and my own 6 month old all to myself. I can see the grey hairs forming already. Please, everyone pray for my sanity. And pray that I don't kill the kids, too.
   Anyone who enjoys reading my diary (I'm sure there are so many of you) I'm afraid its shut down for a while. Hackers felt the need to attack it (again! Geeze, they must use Norton too!) on Sept. 11. Until they get it up and running again I'll just have to talk to myself a lot more. Seriously, that diary site is down more times than a baby naps. I'm thinking of switching, even if it means losing all my entries. We'll wait and see.
   Well, thats about it for now. Check out the rest of what Ihave to offer here. New stuff has been added and more things are to come.
May the Goddess and God bless you with love, hope, and peace.
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