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TV Couples Hall of Fame

What would TV be without our favorite couples? There is a certain thrill when the two people give all those little signs that add up hopefully to being together forever. There is just something so satisfying about that little bit of romance.

Below are links to some of my favorite. If you would like to add your own comments, just email me at Email Me. I would love to hear from you.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King--Lee and Amanda: TV's favorite spy couple.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir: What if you found out your soulmate had died a hundred years before you were born?

The New Adventures of Zorro--Victoria and Diego: Is it Diego De Le Vega or Zorro the Fox that holds her heart?

Major Dad--The Major and Polly He's a career marine, she's a liberal journalist. Together they make sparks fly.

Remington Steele: He's dark, handsome and mysterious, what more could you want?

Gilmore Girls: Oh the Gilmore Girls and their men! Whether it's Luke or Max, or Jess or Dean, there is something for everyone.

Should Have Been a Couple

Nanny and the Professor--Sure she was just that magical nanny who helped Professor Everett raise his children. But something tells you it could have been so much more!

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