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Welcome to our website!! We're glad you could come and hang out with us for a while. Explore the whole site and then let us know what you think. Use the email link at the bottom of this page. A little about us. All are in grades 7-8 and attend the learning lab for various subjects. All attend school in the Nodaway-Holt R-VII School District in Graham, Missouri. For more info on our district, check out the school's web page.

2002-2003 School Year

Traci's Kenny Chesney Page
Josh's Eminem Page
Howard's Eminem Page
Richard's Kiss Page
Chip's Nelly Page
Stef's Nelly Page
Justin's Adam Sandler Page

2001-2002 School Year

Jessica's Dream Street Page
Brad's Triple H Page
Laura's Toby Keith Page
Jerry's Kid Rock Page
Justin's Korn Page
Nicole's Tim McGraw Page
Tiffany's P. Diddy Page
Leif's Undertaker Page

2000-2001 School Year

Christmas Around the World Project
Christmas in Mexico by Brad
Christmas in Canada by Jason
Christmas in Russia by Jessica
Christmas in Italy by Justin
Christmas in Australia by Leif
Christmas in Germany by Tiffany

1999-2000 School Year

Brad's World War I Page
The First Thanksgiving by Bradley

The 6th grade reading class decided to participate in the ThinkQuest Junior Internet Contest instead of writing individual pages this year. They were selected as semi-finalists out of over 1,200 entrants from across the country.

Mi casa su casa!

1998-1999 School Year

Tassie's Backstreet Boys Page
Rebecca's Backstreet Boys Page
Jason's Duck Tales Page
Bradley's Hulk Hogan Page
Andy's Jesse James Page
Leif's Kane Page
Carrie's Spice Girls Page
Crystal's N Sync Links Page

1997-1998 School Year

Spike's AC/DC Page
Lynn's Clay Walker Page
Ann's Garth Brooks Page
Michael's George Strait Page
Marie's Leann Rimes Page
Boo's Petra Page
E.J.'s Shania Twain Page

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