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This is dedicated to finding out the truth behind the old Children's Mental Hospital. There are written accounts of what went on behind these bleak walls from Patients themselves as well as employees. This will be a tribute page to the innocent souls that were sent to Sunland because of their disabilities. Some died there, without ever seeing their familiy members again and others who survived their life within those walls after the hospital was closed. The propery is still looked upon as a mysterious place. Many Ghost investigators and on lookers visit the property and pretty much come up with the same conclusion...Something is going on at this site. There are numerous websites dedicated to the Tallahassee Sunland Hospital, but not much about the Orlando site. This is where it originated and this is the hospital that gave Tally it's first 18 children

If you are interested in meetting up with other Sunland goers....make sure to visit the Forums, or join our group and make sure to check the calendar for meeting set ups!
Sunland Mental Hospital 1940's
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I have been interested in the paranormal for years now. I love to research and find out the history behind these so-called haunted properties.
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