Most of the info here is taken from the "Merry Gentry" novels by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Being Fey
Fey Court
Fey Protocol
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Being Fey

Faeries or Fey are scientifically called homo arcanus because they can breed with humans, but they are not human. They have a variety of forms, from mostly human to clearly not. Pointed ears is a sign of unpure blood, that somewhere in the family tree, someone mated with a Fey and came away with a child. 

The true appearence of a Fey is glowing, often with rare skin and hair colors. Eyes are often tri-colored, and glowing too.

They are powerful beings, especially if they are a part of one of the two High Courts, the Seelie or the Unseelie. They are then called Sidhe, and Sidhe are the most powerful beings of all Fey, and the most powerful of all creatures in the Anitaverse. All Fey are good at the use of glamour, and this glamour can be very different from Fey to Fey. Some use it to influence people, which is illegal on unwilling victims. 

All Fey are also naturally good with magic.

Fey are immortal, and cannot die of age. They are very hard to kill, but can be killed, see below.

Every Sidhe is different. They are different variations of a theme, and have different abilities. Each Sidhe has at least one hand of power, more about this described below.

Fey Court

The Sidhe can be divided into two courts. Each has its own hierarchy and legends.

The Seelie Court or the Blessed court is the court of light. They are described in myth as friendly towards humans, and are presented as a huge host of light and benevolence riding on the night air.

The Unseelie Court or the Unblessed Court contains the most malicious, malevolent and evil of the faeries, and a number of monsters of horrible appearance and fearsome abilities as well. 

The Fey at these High Courts are very powerful, and are ruled by the Fey protocol. The Unseelie Court breeds with humans, the Seelie Court does not. 

The Seelie Court in Laurell K. Hamilton's novels is ruled by King Taranis, the King of Light and Illusion. The Unseelie Court is ruled by Queen Andais, the Queen of Air and Darkness. In "Bloody Bones", an Anitaverse novel, it is mentioned that there is a ban on the Unseelie Court to move into the US.

Fey Protocol

The Fey are ruled by a lot of rules and a stern protocol. Below you can find its and bits of information found in Laurell K. Hamilton's books.

- It is an insult not to acknowledge that someone has made an effort to be attractive.

- To measure someone psychically is impolite to do on the first meeting.

- Fey do not go where they are not invited. (For example, they do no flirt until the other part has invited them to do so).

- Fey don't care about fornication. Once you are married - you are to be faithful. An oathbreaker is never tolerated. Your word is useless and so are you.

- Beauty is in all of the Fey (at least at the Unseelie Court). There, there is no such thing as ugly.

- Punishment for breaking a taboo is death by torture.

- Allowing yourself to be worshipped is a crime punishable by death.

- It is a taboo to truly lie.

- Children are precious and anything that breeds, that passes the blood along, is worth keeping around.

- A personal question among the Fey is the worst insult.

- Never thank an older Fey.

- If you do not breed, you do not get married.

- A leader who is not respected among her people is just a figurehead.

- Never come between a Fey and its magic.

- An oath to one of the Fey is serious. Lying to Fey tends to go bad.

- Never break your word to a Fey. It negates all bargains made.

Powers and Perks

All Fey are hard to kill, and cannot die of old age. They cannot be turned into vampires. An Daoine Sidhe, or a Fey of High Court, is one of the most powerful beings in the world.

The powers a certain Fey can have varies. No Sidhe is the same as the other. Each Sidhe has a hand of power. Some can heal by touch, others can kill. Many of the Fey can shapeshift - but they do not become like the lycanthropes, inhumanly strong, they take on the natural qualities of the animal they shapeshift into.

Powers that are mentioned is:
- Hand of Flesh (making the whole body turn inside out...intestines etc ending up on the outside)
- Hand of Old Blood (can make all the old wounds of another being open up and bleed)
- Be able to force another Fey into shapeshifting
- Be able to put hand against skin and push through the skin, and reach for internal organs.
- Kill by touch
- Feed lust by touch
- To see visions

Among the Fey, it is forbidden to use another Fey's blood to increase your own power.


Fey cannot stand metal, so iron or steel is really what you need against them. They cannot work their magic in metal inclosures, and do not like to be surrounded by metal and technology, which is why they tend to keep out of big cities.

Another way to kill a Fey is to invoke its mortal blood. The mortal shares the Fey's immortality and the Fey shares the mortal's mortality. This can be invoked in a specific ritual. Until that, you cannot bleed a true Fey, in the flesh or not in flesh.

There are certain things that will protect you from faerie glamour:
- four-leaf clover
- Saint John's wort
- Red verbena
- Rowan
- Ash

An ointment made of four-leaf clover or Saint-John's wort, spread on eyelids, mouth, ears and hands gives protection against glamour, and can be bought in health food stores and magical shoppes. (Tthe clover ointment is however, more expensive and rare)

Salt disrupts faerie magic, termporarily.


Here are some basic rules that apply to all magic practitioners.

- Never touch anyone working magic - because you never know what is going to happen to you, the magic and the magic worker.

- Calling upon magic is not the measure of your strength as practitioner. It is what you can do that counts.

- To know the name of something gives you power over it.

Misc Objects

- Branwyn's Tears: An Aphrodisiac oil which smells of cinnamon and vanilla. It can make a human into a Sidhe lover for a night. It can also turn a Sidhe into a sexual slave, if the Sidhe has no access to other Sidhe. It makes glamour leak away and shows the true form.

Misc Info

Here are just some its and bits that didn't fit in anywhere else. Enjoy!

- Most of the Sidhe of the Unseelie Court is into domination and sadism, combining sex with pain. But both participants must agree to the pain.

- Power comes with a price and so does pleasure.

- To perform a lot of glamour is a high.

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