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View a apparition of a high energy orb in my home
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And yet another Higth energy Orb in my home.

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Well,We survived Waverly Hill's Overnight unguided tour.
The night started at about 10:30 pm and as we approached the,
secluded winding road that led us to the infamous Waverly
Hill's Sanatorium our excitement grew. We were greeted by the
security guards that took our names. We were then guided to
park our vehicle and then led to the main Lobby which years
ago was the original Laundry Room. There we were able to get
all our gear together and organized. Afterwards we sat down to
watch a video that informed us on all the updates and the
history of Waverly Hill's Sanatorium. We were then introduced
to our tour guide (Byron). He then took us on a guided tour
of each of the five floors. This is done just to get us
familiar with the huge structure and surrounding of the
building. From that point on we were on our own. To me there
seemed to be such a gloominess that hovered over the building
and a sadness that envelopes you and a feeling that there is a
presence all around you. I am happy to say that we were not
disapointed. When we entered the landing on the first floor
nothing really unusual or out of the ordinary with the exception
of what I have already mentioned. The building was extremely
dark at all times. Without our flashlights we were in total
darkness. While feeling a sense of presence Debbie was video
taping, all of us taking photos, Robyn running the voice
recorder and we were also running our evp monitors at all times.
As we continued our journey throughout the evening I must
say there were some unusual happenings. Doors slamming, moaning
sounds, cold spots, and loss of total energy to our equipment.
At one point on the Fourth Floor landing we came across a
cold spot that totally drained our batteries in two of our
voice recorders, one camera, a flash light and an EVP
recorder. We captured some great paranormal photos and
paranormal EVP Voice recordings. Below you will be able to
listen to some of our evp voice recordings and scan through
some of our photos. I hope you enjoy. We plan on another
trip next year.

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Welcome, My name is Sandy and this is my story. Take it for what its worth. I have just recently taken interest in Orbs and Vortex photos. While visiting a friend in Tennessee/2004 summer, I found that in a few of the 150 photos that I had taken were some odd looking shapes and circles in about 5 of my photos.ViewThere was no explanation as to what or why these five photos had turned out this way. I decided to go on the net to find out just what they were or what was causing the unusual shapes, sinse I knew that my camera was in very good working condition. I had talked to my sister and she had told me that they were called Orbs and Vortexes. She sent me to a site that would explain a little about them. Well to make a long story short, Orbs and Vortexes are spirits (ghosts) in the form of energy that gets it's charge from humans, electrical wires, batteries, etc. You can read up on this by going to: National Ghost Hunters Society. Another nice place to read up on and learn is at Ghost Study
Studies show that cameras, such as digital, digital web cam, 35 milimeteras and even Polorid will pick up on a paranormal.I am still skeptical but having an open mind, I take the information into consideration. Mind you, this is the first time that I have ever had an orb show up in any of my photos and I have used a 35 millimeter camera for the past 22 years and/or a digital. About a week after coming home from Tennessee, I showed my daughter the few photos and tried to explain to her what they were. Well needless to say, she thought I was going wacky. To prove me wrong she suggested that we go to the cemetery and take a few pictures to see if we could congure up some Ghost Images (spirits). The night was clear, about 80 degrees, no smog, no fog and no rain. It was about 8:30 p.m.. We took the pictures with my usual DC 3400 Kodak, 2.0 Mega Pixel camera. After arriving at the cemetery my daughter had control of the camera, ,she was desperate to prove me wrong. To tell you the truth I was sure that she probably would. We took about 60 photos that night, and then returned home at about 9:30 to d load the pictures into my computer. To my amazement, we had a very successful first night at Ghost Hunting. Sinse then, I have been experimenting with Spirit Photography to see just how many of these little critters will pop up in my photos. I have lived in my home for 27 years. In those 27 years I have had only one photo that had orbs in it(I didn't know what they were at the time). Sinse my first visit to the Cemetery on July 31, 2004, I have had many orbs showing up in photos taken in my home. Some say the spirits will follow you home. Below you will find links to my Photos. See for yourself. See what you think. Oh, and PLEASE feel free to post a message in our MESSAGE FORUM and or send a picture that you would like to share.

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