Hello and welcome. I created this site as a place of being for my Otaku Senshi and the story that goes along with them. All other Otaku Senshi Profiles, Art and Fics are welcomed. If you need a place for your Otaku Senshi this is it.


If you want to submit something or just contact me in general my address is Include Otaku Senshi Realm in the subject so I know it's not spam. I get alot of spam and I wouldn't want to accidently delete your email along with it. ^.^


10-15-05 --- I've put up the first page! Whooo! ^^ Still under construction.

10-22-05 --- Everything's pretty much been up and running for the past week. I just forgot to add the update. ^^; Whoo! Nutty Webmistress comin' through!

10-25-05 --- I changed the layout to something more bearable. ^.^;

12-6-05 --- I added a Soundtrack section not that anybody's actually coming here. ^^;

1-2-06 --- I added a new artist to the request section and a new link in the link section but that's all considering most other updates require someone else to submit. ^^; Anyways, I'm moving so I might not have access to the internet for awhile. A week maybe. Feel free to submit and I'll get everything up when I return.

1-2-06 --- Ha! Wasn't gone at all. ^-^ Thought I would be but I wasn't. Anyways, I added JesJes to the waiting list in the request section for Chibi Lady so anyone else who wants to request don't hesitate. ^_~ I've still got nothin' to do. Ever. XP

1-19-05 --- I added a completed art request and a new reviewer for when someone actually requests a review. :P

2-03-06 --- Two profiles were added for Dagger's senshi. ^.^


This layout is by: Lycentia but I altered the images to those of my Otkau Senshi. ^.^

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