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**Breeding Quality**
White Brunner Pouters American Show Racers
Reduced Racing Homers English Long Faced Tumblers
Birds occasionally available for sale.

We would firstly like to welcome you to our web site and do hope that your stay will be a memorable one. 
Our lofts have been established since 1970 and have been successful at all levels of competition from Agricultural, Pigeon Society, Specialist Clubs and National Pigeon Association Shows throughout Australia.
I am a founding member of the Australian National Pigeon Association, past President / Editor of the
Australian Domestic Show Flight Club and past Secretary / Editor of the Australian Long Faced Tumbler Club and co coordinator of the Victorian
English Long Faced Tumbler Club
The philosophy of our lofts is, the improvement, advancement and promotion of the breeds we maintain and the hobby of pigeons in general.
Birds from our lofts have been exported world wide to countries such as New Zealand, India, Scotland, the United States of America, Japan and many of the Pacific Islands.


The success of birds from our lofts is well known with numerous Champions being produced by us and the fanciers who have obtained our stock.
We currently breed the following all being direct imports, progeny of, or ongoing generations all from prominent fanciers in England and Canada. Our breeds are American Show Racers, English Trumpeters, Brunner Pouters and English Long Faced Clean Legged Tumblers. Our standards are set very high as our loft motto reflects "Striving for Perfection" this being an ongoing quest for perfection.

Our love of this great hobby is being carried on by  the third generation of Ryan's, with our son Kieran breeding and showing English Trumpeters at the "Shogan Lofts" his web site being:-  It is extremely rewarding as parents to see a young person so focused on his hobby also the assistance he receives from other trumpeter fanciers from around the world. The future of our hobby lies with our youth, encouragement by us all will ensure it's continuance.

We are extremely interested in Colour genetics and particularly rare colours and the transfer of these to other breeds. We are currently working with Reduced, Faded, Qualmond, Opal, Smokey to name just a few.

Export is a specialty , if there is an air service we will get them to you. Correspondence is always welcome either by post or email at the under mentioned addresses.

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