By Ritagail

Overtones (March 28, 2004)

Clay feels good.
Smells good.
Roll it out.
Over and over.
Squish it.
Over and over.
Toy car.
Sit outside
Turn car over,
Spin tires
Spin tires
Spin tires
Spin tires.
Rita! What are you doing?
She doesn't know how to play
With things the
Doesn't know how to swing.
Can't ride a bike.
Very stupid.
No, very smart,
Just not applying herself.
Not trying.
Trying too hard.
Building blocks.
Cool, hard edges.
Cool, hard plastic.
Feels good.
Sort them.
Same way
Over and over.
Terrorize that out of her.
More layers of Pearl.
Over and Over.

Really Me
(March 28, 2004)

I love wet cut grass.
I make nests.
The wet cut grass sticks
To itself.
Make nests.
Nothing in the nests,
Just make the nests.
Watch the ants.
Watch them move a dead beetle.
I love bugs.
June bugs crawl on me,
Their prickly claws dance on me,
Prickling up little bumps.
I love rocks.
I love their cold hardness,
Their solidness,
Sometimes angles,
Sometimes roundness.
Each rock is a person-
More Human to me than Mom.
Mom gets jealous.
How can she be jealous
Of rocks?

Stupid Brat
(March 28, 2004)

Sitting outside.
From preschool
To Senior Year.
Out of Daddy's sight.
Out of Daddy's sites.
He shed that
Brat's Blood.
If God sees blood drops
On this Pearl,
Do they shine like rubies?
Does the glitter reach Heaven?
Sometimes Dark and Cold.
Just like the
On the

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