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My poems from "Mornin' Glory Blues", "Freeing Uncle Jimmy", and a few other poems, are now in book form along with some of my own images. I designed the book and it is available from here:

(Buying through CreateSpace means I get to keep more of the royalties, helping me support myself.)

It is also available through, just type Mornin' Glory Blues into the search.

I am currently working on a book of my sketches from Mass. When I get that finished, I will post the link here. (I also have at least one more book of poetry in the works, as I'm always writing poetry.)

Thank you for reading/viewing/sharing.

If anyone is wondering, my blog has been moved to here: It has taken on more of a "daily life" with some religious reflection.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 10, 2006: I have decided to leave these poems here, free for everyone to read. I want others to know that they are not alone. I want America to wake up and realize how we are destroying ourselves by insisting everyone be in a neat little "normal" box, and how by refusing to admit when we need help, by refusing to face and work on the violence within our own selves and our own families, we are destroying ourselves. (Yes, I said, "destroying ourselves" twice. I tried to rewrite it, but those are the only words that seem to fit.)

I am also leaving them here because I hope they will bring hope.

A word of warning: These are not "light" poems. They are very difficult to read at times. They are dealing with the reality of growing up in a violent home, and in a society that frequently mistreats children who are "different".

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of my work.

After Reading Some Poems in American Poetry Since 1950 (intro poem)



Oak Valley Graveyard


Really Me

Stupid Brat

Lunchroom 101

No Alternative

Pearl Among Swine

Blood Bath

Stupid Stops Suicide


Newspaper Recycling

Two Logical Conclusions

Less Than a Dog

Escape Attempts

Jesus Will Heal You

Never Good Enough

And God Said Let There Be Light

Joyous Aspie Pearl

It Never Gets Better

Alternative Reality

Honest Aspie

Graveyard Revisited

Aspie Adoration

(end of this poetry cycle--If you would like to see more of my poems and images, please visit: Drawing On Faith)

(Old) End of Summer Update (think I wrote this 2004): This summer, I was "officially" given my diagnosis of Asperger's. I don't have to say "maybe" anymore. However, I do want to add a cautionary line that what is now being labeled Asperger's could be labeled something else in the future by professionals, as they study "us" more. I also want to add that there are many studies that suggest that children do not develop normally when they grow up in the midst of violence, mostly because they are using their brains and energies merely to survive.

I am also allegedly "gifted". This label is harder for me to accept. I will probably have to write some essays about this at a later date.

In March of 2004, I wrote 26 poems in 2 days. This came after I had spent considerable time attempting to write about myself, the violence I lived through as a child, and my recent discovery that I may have Asperger's Syndrome, or fit somewhere into what is known as the Autistic Spectrum.

(Please see note above about my removal of most poems so that I can print them into a book.)

NOTE: I use the words "pearl" and "joy" at times to interchange with my names. Rita means "pearl" and Gail means "joy".

Lunchroom 101

No Alternative

Pearl Among Swine


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Intro to Freeing Uncle Jimmy

Why I Decided to Publish These Online

"Mini Meltdown Over Wood Chips and Handshakes"

What would an Aspie's website be without a puzzle? This is my photo of one of the zinnias from my flower bed. I am trying this here from Jigzone. (Added, August, 2005.) If it doesn't work, try hitting "Reload" or "Refresh" on your browser.

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