I am a member of the Historical Swordsmanship Club at Truman State University.  We use boffer weapons to simulate real, historical fighting styles.  I have been appointed as official Blacksmith of the club, because of my ability to simulate any kind of sword I have attempted (so far).  I am looking for some extra spending money, and as I enjoy (and am good at) making boffer weapons, I decided to try my hand at selling them. 

I have pictures of the swords I have made in the
products section.  If you would like to commission one, give me an email.  Be sure to include a picture or a detailed description of the sword you want.

I start with a PVC core, with PVC caps.  I wrap it in strapping tape.  The blade is padded with PVC insulation, with at least double padding on the "cutting edges."  Then I spiral wrap with Industrial Grade Duck Tape and attach a closed-cell foam thrusting tip.  I then wrap it lengthwise with duck tape, and indictate thrusting tip and "cutting edges" with red duck tape.

If you intend on using the weapon in a LARP, make sure you include complete safety requirements from your group, because I don't keep on top of them.

If you are interested in a polearm weapon, I will be perfectly happy to make one of those, too.  These may take more time, if the design is difficult.  At this point, I am confident I could come up with a design for just about anything.  Spears are already available, and I already have a design for a halberd.  The materials for the halberd are relatively expensive when compared to other items, and production is labor intensive, so you'd be looking at $50-70 or more depending on length.
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Name: Sam Blanchard
DISCLAIMER:  I am not liable for any injuries caused by my products.  Just like any other contact sport, there are risks in boffer fighting.
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