Vinegar Recipes

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Home Made Vinegar

   Home made vinegar is fairly simple to make. Place peelings and cores of apples, pears, grape hulls or peaches into a wide mouthed jar or stone crock. Wash carefully. Cover with cold water, and keep in a warm place, well covered, adding fresh peelings from time to time. Use over-ripe but not spoiled fruit. The scum that forms on the top is the "Mother" or vinegar plant that makes the vinegar. The process will take 4 to 6 weeks or even longer depending on how strong you want your vinegar. When the vinegar tastes sufficiently strong , strain first through a colander and then through a cheesecloth bag. Bottle and seal.

Wine Vinegar.

The same process of time applies except you just pour the wine you want to use into a wide mouthed jar, cover with about three pieces of cheesecloth so no dust and insects can get in and wait.


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