Crystallized Fruit Recipes

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Green fig Konfyt

                Select firm well swollen fruit and either peel with a peeler or by the caustic soda method. Weigh the figs and cut a cross in the thick- or flower end- of each one.

                Put the fruit into a solution of one tablespoon of lime - or two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda - to 3 litres ( 6 pints ) of water, and soak it overnight. This is to crisp the fruit. Next day, rinse the figs well and drop them into boiling water - a few at a time. Keep the water boiling, and cook them for about 30 minutes until they are tender. Test the figs with a straw, match or toothpick. When tender, drain them well and set them aside.

                Make a syrup - allowing 1/2 kg ( 1 lb. ) of sugar to each 1/2 kg ( 1 lb. ) of fruit. Add 2 cups of water for each 1/2 kg ( 1 lb. ) of sugar. Flavor it with root ginger and stick cinnamon ( bruised and tied in a muslin bag ). Stir the sugar and water until dissolved.

                Drop in the drained figs - a few at a time - keeping the syrup boiling all the time, and when all the fruit and syrup is boiling, add the acid. Cook rapidly for about two hours until the fruit is transparent and the syrup thick.

Note: when the fruit is nearly ripe, the sugar can be reduced to 375 grams ( 3/4 lb. ) to each 1/2 kg ( 1 lb. ) of fruit.


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