Vinegar Recipes

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Citron Vinegar

2 Lemons Grated peel of half an orange
Grated peel & juice of 2 Limes 1 litre(4 cups) white wine vinegar
pinch of salt pinch of paprika

      Slice one lemon crosswise. Thread on a wooden skewer. Grate the peel of the remaining lemon. In a large saucepan, bring skewer of lemon, lemon and orange peel, lime peel and juice, vinegar, salt and paprika to the boil. Remove from the heat and cool completely. Transfer to a sterilized jar and seal tightly with a vinegar proof lid. Let stand on a sunny, warm windowsill for two weeks.  Strain through a jelly bag.

    Place strips of lemon in prepared jars or bottles and pour vinegar in. Seal tightly with vinegar proof lids. 

Makes 5, 250 ml ( 8 fl oz ) bottles


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