The " Jell " Test

            To test if Jam has Jelled

            Dip a wooden spoon into the mixture. Hold the spoon up above the mixture and tilt it until the jam falls off. As the mixture cooks, and the correct consistency is achieved, the drops will fall more heavily from the spoon. When it is ready, two or three drops will roll down the edge of the spoon and join in a heavy mass.

          When this happens, remove the jam or jelly from the stove to prevent further cooking. Drop a teaspoon of the mixture into a saucer which has been previously chilled, and place in the fridge until it reaches room temperature.

        diab_g3d.gif (371 bytes)        Jam with pieces of fruit in it should have formed a skin which wrinkles when pushed with a finger.

          diab_g3d.gif (371 bytes)       Jam which is pulpy in appearance should be of spreadable consistency.

        diab_g3d.gif (371 bytes)        Jelly should be a firm mass on the saucer. If not, return it to the heat and boil for a further time and re - test again. Take care here, because it may only take a few minutes to reach the correct consistency.

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