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As you enter into this adventure there is one ingredient not listed in any recipe which is absolutely necessary to your success.  This is large amounts of patience.  Unlike any other type of cooking, Creole Cajun cooking reverts to the very basics of cooking and baking and one must be patient with the technique to achieve good results.  So everyone must practice the somewhat lost art of patience if they are to become really proud of their Creole Cajun cooking.  We can only say that the sheer thrill of accomplishment and the hearty words of praise greeting the server of your Creole Cajun dishes will more than repay you for your patience in preparing the.

Your may ask about the Creole Cajun cooking today, and if the cooking here and now is different from the cooking in other places, and if it is all it is built up to be.  Without hesitation I say yes.  It has all that other places have, and then some.  It is one of the 'some' that I shall write about.  The cooking here, to speak sententiously, is grandchild to France, descendant to Spain, cousin to Italy and Africa, and also it is full fledged Southern.

The pioneer French woman used what she found here: fruits, herbs, vegetables, fish, game and meat.  Back then, the woman, who had reigned in the kitchen, had inherited from her ancestors, a knowledge of herbs that made her skill cooking look like magic; and the new women of today, who find themselves in large homes, or in apartments, still have the knowledge and the knack, handed down, of making delectable dishes out of anything that finds its way into the kitchen.
Your Creole Cajun Adventure Begins!
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La Boucherie!
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