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Congratulations!  You are about to start your Cajun Creole adventure.  You will find that Creole cooking and baking is great fun and that you can create delicious dishes for your family, your friends and yourself.

The Creoles and their unique recipes have been discussed and praised in many publications by many authors.  They have been attributed to all manner of beginnings from the Roux to the more humble and less glamorous Red Beans and Rice on the back of grandma's cookstove.

While the lore behind the Creoles may not be a concern to us in our adventure, we are interested in the knowledge and techniques developed over the years concerning Creole cooking.  Much has been already been written about the history of our culture but not enough concerning the recipes that comprise Creole cooking and baking.

The methods, descriptions and recipes in these pages are designed both for gourmet cooks with unlimited resources available and perfect cooking and baking conditions at their right hand and also for the average homemaker who must cook under somewhat less than ideal conditions.  Few people are blessed with perfect culinary conditions.  Therefore the recipes on the following pages have been written in a manner that is down to earth and easy to follow.

As you enter your adventure there is one ingredient not listed in any recipe that is absolutely necessary to your success.  This is a large amount of patience.  Unlike any other type of cooking, Creole cooking reverts to the very basics of cooking and baking and one must be patient with the technique to achieve good results.  So everyone must practice the somewhat lost art of patience if they are to become really proud of theirCreole cooking.
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