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Greetings: I am Projection. This is my space of creativity. We are all co-creators of our reality, yet most of us do not realize this. Once awakened, you know that you are now the artist, and the world is your canvas. Imagine the infinate possiblities! The more you control your destiny, the clearer your path will become.

We are all


That which we percieve to be separated, is just an illusion. We are all part of a whole..different and unique expressions of the One, Great Spirit. All here on earth, for soul growth..each learning and experiencing amd expressing. All on our own paths back to our source. Back together as a whole.

Allow spirit to be. Without fear. Without limitation. Free as it once was. Remembered again and cherished. This time don't let go. Don't forget. Spirit's voice will be heard, will be seen, will be known.

Come prowling out the night's stillness, into the Realm of Me.


Together, we birth creation.

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